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Dwight Yorke has thrown in hat in the ring for the Sunderland head coach position.

Yorke played at the club under Roy Keane during his final three years as a player in England and now believes he can inspire the club.

“If the opportunity comes to manage such a great club as Sunderland, having played at the football club, having seen what the fans are like, and the expectation, it is a very big club,” Yorke told Bein Sports last week.

“There’s no two ways about that, it’s a terrific job. The one thing that Sunderland have got in their favour is that every time they’ve been down and relegated to the Championship they have managed to bounce back straight away. That is a positive in itself and that is what I would probably say to them if I was given that opportunity.”

Yorke recently spoke out against the lack of opportunity for black managers in the United Kingdom.