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Ricardo John

On this week’s edition of We Are TFC II, we sit down with forward Ricardo John.

What has been your favourite moment in your soccer career thus far?

John: Scoring against Mexico at the 2015 Pan American Games.

What was it like to represent your country?

John: It was a great feeling. To represent your country at an international level. Playing against big teams like Mexico, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It was an amazing experience. A once in a lifetime experience.

Was that your first-time visiting Toronto?

John: Yeah it was.

What was your first impression?

John: Very good. The Pan Am games were an amazing event. Very well done. I fell in love in Toronto during the games.

At what moment did you know you could go pro?

John: When I was called into the Trinidad and Tobago U-20 national team.

Do you have a coach/mentor that has impacted your soccer career?

John: Zoran Vranes had the biggest impact on my career. He showed confidence in me and taught me to be comfortable on the ball and enjoy the game.

How did you find your experience at Virginia Tech?

John: It was nice. I had just finished my high school season back home. It was great to get a scholarship to go to VT. It’s a nice college town. Everyone there is friendly. Blacksburg is a great place to be.

A player you like to model your game after?

John: I model my game after Edison Cavani. He has a high work rate, very good in the air and is a composed finisher.

Taking a quick look at your phone, which photo in it means the most to you? 

John: A photo of my family, they mean a lot to me and we have a very strong bond.

How do you like to spend your free time?

John: Playing FIFA and just hanging out with friends.

Do you have a favourite movie?

John: Hackshaw Ridge

Music Artist?

John: Popcaan

How have you found the adjustment to life in Toronto/Canada?

John: It hasn’t been that hard. I’ve been away from home for a while with college in the US so it wasn’t that hard. Toronto is a nice city so it’s been easy to adjust to.

What do you miss the most about home?

John: My family for sure.

Favourite thing about the city?

John: The people. Everyone is so friendly here. When you go downtown and people are smiling at you, it’s great.

If you weren’t playing soccer, what would you be doing?

John: I’ve never thought about that. Soccer has always been my dream and my passion. I’ve honestly never thought of life outside of soccer.

Your nickname is Zuggy, is there a story behind it?

John: My first day in high school I had a bad haircut. We call it a “zugg” back home. So one of my friends just started calling me Zuggy and it stuck my entire time in high school. I just took it in stride.