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Potters hitman Jones wanted for Championship loan spell

Kenwyne Jones is wanted by ­Championship rivals Leeds and Leicester.

Stoke boss Tony Pulis is ready to let the Trinidad & Tobago international go out on loan following the capture of Michael Owen.

Leeds boss Neil Warnock wants Jones to replace Ross McCormack, who is facing at least a month on the sidelines with an ankle injury.

Scotland international McCormack is undergoing scans to determine whether he has suffered a break or ligament damage.

Warnock said: “We are looking for someone who can improve the squad, and we would love to get a striker in before playing Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

“Most of the better players have already gone out on loan and, as it is, we can’t really replace Ross because we’re a bit thin on the ground.”

Leicester chief Nigel Pearson has also targeted Jones, 27, to boost an attack that is finding goals hard to come by this term.