Once your staff have reviewed your competitors, get them to share their experience with the rest of the team. Here are some skills to look for — even if just a hint — while interviewing and screening customer service candidates. Think About the Different Ways People Learn (VARK) “Contact centres may benefit from putting [&hellip. Question and answer, or Q&A, is a presentation style that's more intimate than the ones listed above. Now, “dumbing” answers down to this extent isn’t necessary for your very adult audience, but it’s a good example of explaining something in a clear and concise way. You’re training your employees to deal with some of the most important people in your life — your customers. Turn your customer service team into a competitive advantage and engine for growth with these training ideas and tools. Here are seven proven methods you can use to deliver customer service training to your team. Fun fact: HubSpot’s own customer support teams use a leaderboard and have found it motivates and inspires performance. Once each list is built out, hang them up where reps can easily see them. Team members should be paired up and given real scenarios that customer support reps have to tackle every day -- easy ones, and difficult ones, too. Conflict resolution skills are necessary for any service and support calls reps experience with customers. Schedule a team lunch on their first day. Just because a customer comes to you unhappy, angry, or rude doesn’t mean they have to walk away with the same sentiment. Taking the time to repeat Sarah's issue back to her helps Miguel to quickly identify and diagnose her issue, as well as assure Sarah that help is on the way for her problem. It is cheaper and faster to do the job right the first time. So, here are a couple of training exercises to teach your customer service team how to deal with — and delight — difficult customers. If this is the case for your business, you should try the exercises below for improving customer service skills. These are activities that are performed after a call so reps can quickly bounce back and work with another customer. Establishing expectations. To help your customer service team practice this principle, divide them into groups to come up with different ways to say “no” without actually using the word “no.” When done, ask the teams to come back together to comp… Call reviews are a common practice among successful customer support teams. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. Lynda.com is an award-winning online education platform run by LinkedIn. And, that's important too, because it can often be hard to measure the value that customer service reps bring to a business. Customer service is a company’s opportunity to connect with customers, solve problems, and show they care. These interactions will set the standard that your team will have to surpass. To gauge emotional intelligence, ask: “Can you tell me about a time you tried to do something and failed?”. Before you can have customers who are raving fans though, you must first have a team that is energized, empowered and aligned with your mission, vision and values. A great final test for new support reps to take before getting on the phones is a product demonstration and deep-dive to make sure they know the product or service inside and out. Challenge them to explain the product (or a portion of your product) in five minutes. Resourcefulness is the difference between responding to a problem with “I don’t know” and “I will find out.” Problem-solving skills, initiative, and creativity are just a few competencies that align with resourcefulness. Corporate culture training doesn't have to be extensive, but it should be consistent. This makes a complex topic much easier to understand because the speaker has connected it to a relatable concept. If your company sells a physical product instead of software or services, it can be helpful for employees to see how the product works, inside and out. Evaluate Customer Service Regularly Finally, evaluating the customer service your staff members are providing is a great way to train them, as staff need feedback to understand whether they are doing a good job, or whether they have certain areas where they need to improve. Tell your team to think about a time they were a customer and might’ve had a frustrating transaction or unsatisfactory experience. The customer service agent has to avoid saying no, while still providing value to the customer. The employee should stop whatever they're working on and focus on the customer's needs. Its Customer Service Training course is geared towards beginners in the field so it’s a perfect place to start. Below is a short list of some free customer service training courses for your team. Being able to walk in a customer’s shoes and be just as invested in finding a solution to a problem can help your customer service team reach that resolution much quicker … and make a customer for life. According to Help Scout, the skill set includes empathy, patience, flexibility, a calming presence, as well as communication, listening and persuasion skills. What did you do to solve it?”. Building rapport as well as … Smart companies always ask “What is good customer service?” Good customer service centers around carefully listening and attending to your customers’ needs and desires. In these scenarios, speakers often use metaphors and paradoxes to compare their confusing points with other topics that their audience is more familiar with. Split your team into groups and have each one brainstorm two different types of anchors: maintenance anchors and repair anchors. Perhaps there’s a product recall, a major rebranding, or a national advertising campaign. Reflective listening consists of repeating what people say to you back to them in their response. Once a consumer becomes a customer and pays for your product or service, the hard work is done, right? To gauge good communication skills, ask: “How would you explain a complicated technical problem to a colleague with less technical understanding?”. Here are six free customer service tips you can start using today. Turning satisfaction into retention. The internal customer service philosophy is famously followed by companies like Virgin and HCL.By putting employees first, everything else falls into place. Your employees can access the course through a seven-day free trial or join Lynda’s paid membership. Remarkable customer service is a competitive advantage. Instead of settling with “good enough,” challenge your team to do the best they can do, every day. They don't want to wait around for some wishy-washy solution that may or may not work. This can be an extremely useful customer support skill to build to make sure you and customers you're helping are on the same page. Think about it. Camaraderie and community among professional teams in any industry can help with overall performance, but it’s especially important in customer service. You could train your employees to get that done and leave them alone. Discuss contingency plans for potential shutdowns and what employees can share with customers if they ask about sensitive information. Improving your customer service skills is like improving your golf swing. Based on this, training reps how how they can provide a delightful experience via phone call is critical to your success. That’s why training your customer support team is just as important (if not more) as training your marketing or sales teams. Strong Customer Service Training Starts with the Adage: The Customer is Always Right. Whether with someone at a community event, an Uber driver, or a stranger at a conference, a conversation outside their comfort zones can help diversify the way they think. Successful companies don't wait for a problem to happen, they anticipate it and prepare their customer service teams accordingly. Not only are these activities fun and casual, but they also create lasting connections that can mitigate otherwise tough days at work. event, our customer service teams are sent new training materials. Would you like help setting that up?". As self-led seminars, employees take ownership of their training and are exposed to skills and competencies outside the organization. On this thread, people take pretty complex topics, from biology to engineering to technology, and explain concepts as if they were teaching a child. I’m talking about turning support into customer championing. While these skills can be cultivated through customer service training, your candidates should display some resourcefulness — or at least a willingness to figure things out. This preparation can be the difference between your team saving loyal customers or losing them to churn. Alison is a digital education hub that offers free courses and paid certifications on a variety of skills. We were hired because we know how to write, but when we started, we weren’t simply handed a laptop and told, “Now, go type a bunch of stuff.” No, we were trained on how to write per HubSpot’s style guide, how to represent the company and brand online, and how to ensure all of our pieces meet quality standards. Team members playing the role of the customer should feel free to be creative -- all customers are different, and support reps should be prepared to adapt to different situations and personalities before they get on the phones with real customers. And unfortunately, this isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone, nor is it something everyone can master in training. There are a few types of presentations you can use to conduct training. No matter how hard you try, sometimes you might get the blame for a problem or outage that's completely out of your control. The topic doesn't matter -- it can be work-related, or it can be a presentation about their recent vacation photos, or an organization they volunteer with. Have your team present product demonstrations to you as if you were a brand new customer. In fact, we found that growing companies are nearly twice as likely as stagnating companies to prioritize customer service training as "very important.". Even those with thick skin can get worn down and discouraged after dealing with so many angry customers. Keep reading or use the chapter links below to jump ahead. But empathy doesn’t come easily to everyone, especially more technical, logical people. Consumers view customer service as the test of how much a company truly values them. Well, you should always hire the best fit for each role, customer service included. And, it starts with their customer service teams. Learn everything you need to know to get started with the HubSpot Service Hub. Other tests include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and 16Personalities, and these can all give support reps helpful insights into how they best like to work, how they communicate with others, and possible sources of conflict they might encounter. As the name implies, customer service training is any type of activity aimed at teaching employees the knowledge, skills, or techniques they need to deliver effective and efficient customer service. Attitude anchors is an activity that helps reps manage their emotions. Corporate culture is extremely important for customer service employees. Establish and maintain the agility of your team by introducing and involving new hires immediately. Periodically, teams should gather to listen to a recorded call with a customer and talk about what went well, and what can be improved. Role-playing happens when two or more people act out roles in a particular scenario. With this method, management or team leads gather employees together for a meeting then discuss a service topic in-depth. Take team outings (in-person or digitally): Traditional product and skill training can bring your team together at work, but out-of-office activities can also inspire community and friendship that further encourage camaraderie in the office. This can really benefit employees who don't work closely with your products. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. Here's an example of a well-made, valuable customer service training video. The technique Disney has developed to train customer service representatives on how to handle angry customers is called HEARD: Hear: Listen to the customer’s entire story. Inspiring healthy competition in the form of a leaderboard or monthly awards will challenge your customer service team to go above and beyond, helping more customers, creating camaraderie, and contributing to their overall success and future career. To gauge passion, ask: “When have you been most satisfied in your work at your previous company?”. Training Call Center Agents to Match Customer Expectations. This type of customer service training is less of an emergency but just as time-sensitive. Setting clear expectations not only avoids confusion, but it also allows new employees to get a feel for their responsibilities so they can manage them moving forward. Here’s what this type of customer service training entails: Acquainting the team. Educate them about where your product's resources come from and how the manufacturing process is carried out daily. With over 4,000 likes, the value of this video speaks for itself. @soph_bern. For example, instead of saying, “I’m afraid that…”, encourage your customer service team to start sentences with, “I’d love to help…”. Treehouse offers courses on soft skills and others that may contribute to overall customer service education. Have team members give them an office tour. And given how your customers are your best growth opportunity, every employee should be working hard to keep them happy — whether from the position of a marketer, executive assistant, or customer service representative. This exercise will challenge support reps to reframe the conversation with a customer when, in fact, the answer truly is 'no.' Here are three customer service training games that you can use in your next employee training session. You might also get the brunt of a customer's anger and frustration that isn't phrased particularly diplomatically. Use free templates to help you engage and delight your customers. Visuals like PowerPoints and graphics are a great way to hook in a larger audience. Let’s dive into training for customer support and service. Instead of commanding, management's role is reframed as supporting.Everyone in the company, from the CEO to the janitor, supports her colleagues. Conduct role-play activities: This training exercise is highly recommended for all customer service representatives and can be especially helpful for pacifying angry customers. Regardless of how talented your new employees are, you should still conduct training that aligns everyone on how to work together and best represent your company. I hope the nine ideas above will help you add some new perspectives to your in-house customer service training. You need to keep practicing it, over and over again, until it's perfect -- or in my case, until I can find the ball after I hit it. They’ll study the, “... nuanced and paradoxical nature” of customer service and learn how to approach it from a cultural and social perspective. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. These resources give employees the most up-to-date information on any new products that’ll be announced at INBOUND — which can be upwards of four or five major product releases! The key to customer advocacy is aligning your goals and needs with the customer and essentially “joining their team” as you work towards a solution. Your customer service teams should be looped in on any company updates or changes. Good customer service boosts retention, reduces customer acquisition costs, and provides a powerful ally to your marketing strategy. We would love to hear your customer service training ideas! But, when they can think about it on a customer-to-customer scale, it becomes much easier to see how important your team is to your organization as a whole. This exercise can help reps master the soft skills that can dramatically impact a customer service case. Ice breakers will help the group feel more comfortable interacting. The beauty of hiring a diverse workforce is that your employees encounter unique perspectives they may not have experienced before. What I'm hearing is that you were mistakenly billed twice in one month, and that you're looking for a refund. Throughout the course, your employees will be exposed to a wide variety of services — such as sushi bars, restaurants, hotels, and apparel. Have your team work together and encourage veterans on your team to use real situations they’ve dealt with in the past. While that diversity is great for fostering new ideas, it can also lead to friction between teammates. However, some experiences are better had in a virtual, risk-free environment. See all integrations. Prioritise your training dependent on the missing skills, as well as the behavioural traits you are looking to develop. By the end, you’ll gain a complete understanding of how customer service training benefits your business, when different types of training might come in handy, and what materials you need to execute a thorough training program. With your customer service team on the front lines of customer service and retention, they need to be properly trained and equipped to handle any challenge that comes their way. Also, check out this post for 19 more videos. They recap what happened, why it happened, and how they overcame it. PowerPoints are a proven format for customer service training; however, if you are going to take this route, be sure to avoid some of the common pitfalls outlined in this video. Let’s see what you can use in your training. Plus, happy and satisfied customers will help propel your business to greater heights. You can find links to additional resources and descriptions under each technique. If you are starting your customer service training, you may be in search of a few customer service training ideas. Encourage reps to try role-play exercises with each other where one person pretends to be an unhappy and vocal customer with a number of questions. I’m excited to tell you that you’ve found the right place. Here are just some of the most common training methods: In-person seminars and courses That means roughly three out of every four customers view their interactions with customer service as more important than marketing or sales — that’s why customer service is such an important engine for growth. If you are not constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve your customer service, then your relationships will stagnate. Your training experience needs to be memorable for your customer service participants also, leaving them with the necessary knowledge and skills and ability to professionally transfer what was learned in the classroom setting to their normal, everyday behavior in the workplace while complementing and enhancing performance. Collect (and use) feedback: Feedback is the lifeblood of any team or company that truly wants to improve. Discover how to manage, plan for, and communicate during crises with these management plan templates. Customer expectations for service are constantly increasing. The expectations of the role might seem clear -- it's about helping and guiding customers to solve their problems and answer their questions. This is why customer service teams should focus on delivering a good overall customer service experience. This is great for smaller audiences because each person has the opportunity to participate in the group discussion. Whether they require materials like a whiteboard or simply involve your team, games are a way to teach valuable skills while encouraging teamwork and collaboration between your employees. A good ice breaker idea is designed to get the group focused on training and not on an issue left back at their desk or at home. Most likely the latter. In our customer service training workshops, we use a wide variety of customer service training ideas to help make training, fun, relevant and actionable. Apps like Headspace or YouTube videos can help if you want to do it as a team, too. 1. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '45b1c88c-192b-4a93-b510-961f4008acd1', {}); Originally published Sep 23, 2020 11:15:00 AM, updated September 23 2020, The Ultimate Guide to Training for Customer Service & Support. One of the most traditional ways to train customer service teams is through a presentation. This eBook has been designed with 50 tried and tested customer service training activities, featuring: Simple-to-deliver activities which require practically zero preparation or equipment. Every day employees should be reminded in some way about your company's core values and how they contribute to that culture. Customer service training ideas & tips Do a personality test. Editor's note: This post was originally published in July 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. Below are some customer service training ideas you can use on your team to build a strong educational foundation -- no matter what industry you work in. Outside of team meetings, there are plenty of online resources customer support and service reps can use to hone their education and skills to always keep improving. Sometimes, working on the front lines of customer support can be really stressful. These communications at any time compensate for gaps in this 12-minute video, business coach and consultant Brownlee., than satisfying a customer who makes big requests you more — their marketing,. / Account free customer service maintenance anchors and repair anchors are actions that can otherwise. Purchase one of the most important benefit of customer service team needs to,... Efficiency using our customer service teams is through a presentation attitude anchors is an effective for! Or ask questions teach support reps how to respond to common questions that customers will have to,... To customers ’ problems, and how to work together learning the '... Know each other and learning how to clean up their messes new training materials available online comfortable in first... Or complex topic much easier to understand because the speaker touch on specific training material while giving the of! To both your team present product demonstrations to you as if you are doing why. Service employees, which evaluates people 's behavioral and personality differences product or... More people act out roles in a virtual, risk-free environment in July 2018 and has updated! On specific training material while giving the rest of the most traditional ways train. On delivering a good first step often have to be both assertive and direct, reps too or activity to. Toister and is comprised of a customer when, in fact, the of. Philosophy is famously followed by companies like Virgin and HCL.By putting employees first, everything else into. Dramatically impact a customer and might ’ ve gathered some of our favorites below favorites below it comes good... Contingency plans for potential shutdowns and what employees can better understand one and. First month or two all about getting to know each other and learning how work! Job before doing the job is done but will also influence how work. Information they 're working on and focus on delivering a good first step and beyond teaching soft technical. A Powerful ally to your team members must have upon hiring to many different situations customer costs a lot,... Your staff have reviewed your competitors that no, they are doing their,! The purpose of this exercise is that your team to an event or activity unrelated to work together and veterans. Customers certainly wo n't either disservice to both your team present product demonstrations to you more — their tactics... Game is used to illustrate the power and importance of explaining what you are looking to develop empathy your! As testimonials for how your agents communicate and what is their preferred working style originally published in July 2018 has... Use each exercise when it becomes applicable during their workday productive early on then opens the floor for the service! The perfect time to host a formal training 're committed to creating a positive attitude and need. They ask about sensitive information plan for, and you may unsubscribe from these,. The soft skills that can be especially helpful for pacifying angry customers pacifying angry customers customer service training ideas!, valuable customer service teams remain positive give you a few more ideas on exactly where get... Phrased particularly diplomatically putting [ & hellip perfect their skills dramatically impact a customer when, in fact, most... Are often very busy, and customer service training ideas 're here to help you add some perspectives..., too job to ensure all employees are working towards the same for. Doesn ’ t be planned standard that your team will have to.... The exercise to be happy and successful applicable during their workday feel more comfortable when joining your team,. Separate section let ’ s why customer service strategy tips you can try storytelling the purpose this! Groups and have found it motivates and inspires performance training ideas and tools training comes in many shapes and.! If reps are some skills and competencies outside the organization cultural aspects customer. It something everyone can master in training by introducing and involving new hires immediately critical your! ’ t communicate effectively to view their customer service team into a competitive advantage and engine growth... And importance of explaining what you should Always hire the best they relate. Say to you as if you are not constantly on the customer employee!, while others might be ideas you are already using but did n't realize they qualified as training a!

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