For ages 4-12- You need two pieces of fabric measuring 5″x 7″ and 2 pieces of 1/8th” elastic measuring 6″ long. How to sew the face mask. Press under the flat edge of each MOUTH piece, and the longest flat edge of each CHEEK piece, ¼”/6mm towards the wrong side of the fabric. var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["small", "ys0cr5z92v", "hmy"]); Your email address will not be published. This allows us to buy more and more fabric and elastic. 2 Materials Needed powered by MakerHealth® @ Sew face 1 and face 2 together along side 3. The Olson Mask Pattern was designed by medical professionals and is one of the best patterns available for homemade face masks. Stitch ¼”/6mm seam around the entire perimeter. Now carefully remove one of the pins that holds the mouth and cheek pieces together. Pictture Tutorial for kids mask sewing. Cut 2 pairs of fabrics (front and back) according to the pattern. You could also create a template and print stickers for each piece. We are all quilt lovers! Sorry for the confusion. 6 months ago I would also like to make one for my four year old grandchild and was wondering if you have any child mask patterns. On cheek 1 and cheek 2 fold side 6 over 1/4 inch and sew down. There is a 2″ scale marking for you to check if you are printing it in the right size. 3. Top stitch pressed seams on MOUTH & CHEEK pieces. When printing the pattern, be sure to print the actual size (deselect any scaling options) and print single-sided. face, mouth and cheek models for children aged 2 to 5 years (page 1), full size face, mouth and cheek models for children aged 6 to 10 years (page 2), about 1/4 yard tightly woven cotton fabric, 2 hair tie elastics (other types of elastic ties may be improvised). It is contrary to most sewing rules, where one distributes the "bulk" by pressing the seams in opposite directions, but it is necessary in this case to prevent the nose wire from "catching" on the seam when inserted. We have decided to add an easy Face Mask Pattern and tutorial for kids, twins and adults. OLSON MASK PATTERN Created by: Clayton Skousen & Rose Hedges Materials Needed powered by MakerHealth® @ * Double sided tape will be applied at the hospital, to allow for different sizes to be made. Mar 5, 2020 - Face mask FREE Sewing Patterns | DRCOS Patterns & How To Make Am I correctly reading that all seams are 1/4" wide? Healthcare Mask: Cheek Dimensions If you do not have a printer at home, trace the actual size standard pattern from your computer monitor and use these measurements to verify accuracy OR follow the directions to draw a pattern freehand on paper. 7 Repeat Step 6 for cheek 2 and mouth 2. Ages 2-6: 8" x 6" fabric, with 5" elastics. Click on the image and it will take you to the pattern. Our first downloadable face mask pattern below also includes a child’s size, though you may need to try making it a bit smaller again for small children. The Olson Face Mask is the one that has been recommended to us by the hospital that requested it. I think once I saw the "Enjoy your mask" at the end of the instructions I stopped scrolling down! I've edited the pa… 1. Print the pages at 100% scale. I don't currently but am hoping to make one soon. Pattern Reference: Olson Mask Drawing Directions 1. <3 To answer your question re. Choose your size based on your age group. ***If, like me, you have been searching for the perfect mask pattern, you know it can be … I offer no guarantees of protection should you choose to make and wear these masks. Place the two ‘Mouth’ pieces right sides together and sew along the curved edge. Face Mask Sewing Pattern separately. If using pipe cleaners or other, weak wire, twist two or more together to strengthen. Last, but not least, there are two clear face mask sewing patterns and tutorials for the deaf and hard of hearing. Face Mask PDF for Children and Adults. Apart from slight polishing of corners, the shape of the pattern is otherwise unchanged, so you can continue to use the original print out unless you want to add a filter or make size XL (24.05.2020) Put your email in the field and you’ll be taken to the download page. It is curved to fit the nose and mouth area and has an internal pocket to contain an additional filter (if available), this is an easy tutorial even for people who are new to sewing next!! Kid Face Mask Pattern Download. This mask is technically reversible, but you will want to wear it the same way between washings. There are different masks out there that are a little more complicated and may fit a little more snug, but this have worked out perfectly for my children. Decide which type and size you want to sew, choose the correct pattern from the list, download and print out the template of Face Mask Sewing Pattern separately. Pull cut ends up and over ears, ensuring the mask is snug to face. 8 With the fronts of the fabric facing each other, sew along the entire perimeter of the mask. For more information on face masks for children , see my post that will answer all of your questions! Olson Face Mask Patterns Printable – A Printable Face Mask Template will let you conserve time and cash when attempting to get ready for an forthcoming outbreak or disaster. Olson Mask for PPE With Optional Filter Pocket: As a technical fashion designer, I help other fashion designers refine their patterns and construction methods for their designs. Tip Caroline from Sew Can She re-sized the pattern to make kids face masks in two different sizes: small for ages 2-5 and large for ages 6-10. With right sides together, pin the MOUTH pieces to the EXTERIOR pieces, lining up at centre seam and dots. Place the pinned ‘inside piece’ on top of the face piece, right sides together. Of course, you may use other types of elastic or make drawstring ties, depending on the needs of the user and the resources available. The larger kid size will work for kids about 5-9. Since I have one 11-years-old going to the middle school, and a 6-year-old going to the first grade this year, I want to make comfortable masks for them. All 3 designs contain our updated written directions which include the option of adding a wire such as a paper clip along the nose area for a better fit." Thanks. We are so excited to have these different mask sizes and the ability to measure faces and match kids with the right size masks. Yes, you are not the first to encounter this problem. 5 months ago It really is a matter of need and personal preference. If you have patterned fabric, make sure the image is in the right direction. Place the cheek pieces and the mouth piece (sewn along the curved edge) on your workspace, with the right sides of the fabric down as seen above. Is there any chance I could get a hard copy of your mask patterns? Sew all the way around the mask with a 1/4’’ seam allowance. [Remark: It is a … Here we always bring the best standards for you!! Care should be taken when considering this option. Thanks again for helping us get through this safer! Face mask size: This face mask fits an average adult profile. Fitted Pocket Mask (Modified Olson), in Eight Sizes (Adult Large to Youth/Child Extra Small): ***2020-05-27 - UPDATE***The pattern and instructions have been updated to include the following: Metric measurements. This is basically just a rectangle. ear loops, it really depends on the stretch of the elastic. Smooth and adjust out the fabrics so that they fit nicely between the sides and the center seam. My late mother was a seamstress and my fir…. 5 months ago OLSON MASK PATTERN Created by: Clayton Skousen & Rose Hedges Materials Needed powered by MakerHealth® @ VERSION 2 || 04/11/20 Edited for • When printing the mask pattern, be sure auto-fit is not selected. Match the pieces together at the center seams and place pins at the top and bottom center. Adult version is the same! I decided to create Child Size Face Mask Pattern for you based on the extremely popular FACE MASK for ADULTS I did a few weeks ago. A lot of people do not need to invest added time creating do-it-yourself masks that will only supply short-term reduction and can result in a lot more severe health problems afterwards on. Alternately, matching/coordinating ties can be made and the wearer can simply tie the ends behind their head.

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