There exists huge demand for these seedlings from the farmers owing to the consumer preference because of its attractive appearance and good yield of tender nut water. It's called a Samoan Dwarf coconut or Fiji Dwarf coconut (Niu Leka) known to be a "true" dwarf and max out at about 12-13 ft. Commercially, it is cultivated in many tropical and Subtropical countries. Manufacturer & Exporters of Chowghat Orange (dwarf) in India. This hybrid variety is a cross between Lakshadweep Ordinary Tall and Chowghat Orange Dwarf. Scientific name is same for all varieties. $29 $49 Holiday Avocado Tree (SOLD OUT) $39 Owari Satsuma Semi-Dwarf Mandarin Tree. Dwarf coconut is short stature variety of the palm-tree scientifically known as Cocos nucifera. Kera Sankara. time taken for yield 36-42 months yield / year 250-300 nuts/palm features • heavy and early bearing • short statute(a full grown tree rarely exceeds 5m) • suitable for both tender coconut and nuts • we supply naturally pollinated seedling. The variety is a best substitute for Chowghat Orange Dwarf. $29 $49 Eureka Semi-Dwarf Lemon Tree. And it is the cultivated species of coconut plant. Providing you the best range of Arasampatti Tall Coconut Plant, DXT Coconut Hybrid Plant, Txd Coconut Plant, Malayan Yellow Dwarf Coconut Plant and Chowghat Orange Dwarf … Description of the Dwarf Coconut plants Hybrid varieties are crosses between coconut varieties. Chowghat Orange Dwarf from Kerala gives 300 to 350 ml of tender nut water. These are better than the original as they show early fruiting, have higher quantities of oil content, and an increased number of fruits per tree. COCONUT VARIETIES RELEASED Kalpa Sree The dwarf coconuts are named by their country of origin and colours e.g. | ID - 1162348 It is best suited for tender nut water. dwarf x tall. the Malaysian Red Dwarf, Fiji Dwarf Coconuts, Chowghat Dwarf Greens, Cameroon Red Dwarfs and Brazilian Green Dwarfs. $29 $49 Kishu Semi-Dwarf Mandarin Tree. Chowghat Orange Dwarf (COD): Time take for bearing: 3 to 4 years Average Yield: 65 nuts / palm / year Copra content: 150 gram / nut Oil content: 66 per cent Special Features: This cultivar is known as ‘Gowrigathram’ or ‘Chenthangu’ and ‘Kenthali’ in Kerala and Karnataka respectively. This cultivar was released by CPCRI in 1991 for large scale cultivation as tender nut variety. Cara Cara Sweet Semi-Dwarf Orange Tree. The average annual yield is 63 nuts/palm/year. Dwarf Coconut Yellow Dwarf Coconut Plant What is dwarf coconut? 10. The nuts are orange in colour and round in shape. $29 $49 Calamondin/ Calamansi Semi-Dwarf Tree. Pallishree Limited offering fine quality Chowghat Orange (dwarf) at Affordable Price. Chowghat Orange Dwarf (COD) This is an early flowering cultivar and takes about 3-4 years for initial flowering. Hybrid Varieties of Coconut. The trees flower in 3.5 years and bear fruit in 4.5 years.