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Minor Leagues

Malta Carib Alcons tours London

Two teams from local club Malta Carib Alcons, a senior and Under-20 team comprising 30 players, are currently in London to play a series of training matches against academy and reserve teams.


Central F.C. kick off community tournament

Central F.C. will be on hand to help launch the S.I.S. 35th Anniversary 7 a side football tournament at New Settlement Ground on Saturday. The tournament is free to enter with a first prize of $5,000.


‘Rajay’ Memorial Football match tomorrow.

BLACKPOOL Sports Club of Mt Lambert will be staging it’s 24th Annual “Rajay” Football match tomorrow at the Aranguez Savannah from 4.30 pm.


T&T to host Guinness street challenge

T&T will host nine Caribbean neighbours at the final of the fourth annual Guinness Street Football Challenge, on June 6- 7, two months after the preliminary round kicks off, in Tobago.


Elite takes OAS Cup with 2-0 win

The Elite team lived up to its name, lifting the OAS Cup last Sunday at Debe High School at the first OAS Football Fete Match tournament, as they beat Steel Benders 2-0 in the final.


Sam on target for Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks FC began their quest for championship honours in the 2014 Lendore Village Football League with a 3-1 win over Jordan Trace at the Chrissie Terrace Recreation Ground in Enterprise in the second fixture of Sunday’s opening day double-header.


Elite win OAS Cup

The Elite team lived up to their name, lifting the OAS Cup on Sunday with a 2-0 win over Steel Benders in the final of the inaugural OAS Football Fete Match held at Debe High School.


Dalton Grant Academy donates gear to Moruga FC

THE DALTON Grant Academy donated football attire and miniature goals to members of the Moruga Football Club during a media briefing at the King George V Park, St Clair on Saturday.


Matura joins CoC teams

The sixth team to challenge the Champions of Champions (CoC) National Super League qualifying tournament is multiple championship winner Matura Reunited.