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National Women’s coach Marlon Charles was the man with the idea behind the staging of the recent Girls Football Festival hosted by the TTFF for Primary Schools at the Marvin Lee Stadium and the TTFF coaching instructor believes that local women’s football stands to benefit from exercises like that which saw over 200 players having the opportunity to interact with senior team players and coaches during the one day festival.

“It really was about getting the young girls to come out and enjoy the game and learn more about it at the same time,” said Charles.

“I think it was a fitting way to close off the year in that it allowed us at the TTFF to interact with the Primary Schools and the players were exposed to a day of football at the Stadium and the chance to interact with the senior players.

This was an excellent stage for something that would benefit the local women’s game for the future,” said Charles who was able to initiate a partnership with Atlantic LNG for the festival. TTFF youth development officer Anton Corneal was also present and he mentioned the possibility of a similar event for Primary School boys.

“It’s definitely a great idea to have something like this and it would be worth the while to have it for the boys too because it allows us to have a look at them as well as it gives them good exposure at that young age,” said Corneal.