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Secondary Schools - Boys

Still searching for identity

Here’s another addendum for the Constitutional Reform Commission to consider: the full inclusion of Tobago in all matters that are promoted as national in scope, like the Secondary Schools Football League. Whatever the reason for the non-involvement of schools from the sister isle in the main competition format of the SSFL’s new Premier Division, which kicks off in just over three weeks, this is totally and completely unacceptable.


Open to new Secondary Schools’ football plan.

There is always merit in making productive changes when necessary and the fact that the secondary schools committee has embarked upon a new format for the league, means that they are in search of a more competitive opportunity for the nation’s schools.


‘Naps’ win Barbados Cup

NAPARIMA COLLEGE are 2014 winners of the Barbados Cup football competition.


Leading schools form Premier League

CHAMPIONS St Augustine Senior Comprehensive, St Anthony’s College, Presentation College and Carapichaima East Secondary will all campaign in a new 14-team Premier League, which promises to deliver competitive football and keen spectator interest to the 2014 BGTT First Citizens Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL).


Not a drum beat for Wooter

THE EDITOR: Within recent times as I continue this life’s journey, I have realised along the way one encounters individuals who impact on you positively or negatively.


Tobago pulls out of Schools League 2014

The Tobago Zone of the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) has taken the decision to withdraw from the 2014 season of the BG T&T/First Citizens-sponsored tournament.


Benjamin, Taylor – Tobago Zone ‘Players of the Year’

Speyside High School boys Championship division team, winners of the InterCol and League Championship titles were the toast of Tobago Zone of the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Football Association prize giving function.


Presentation hosts football tourney

FOR THE sixth consecutive year, Presentation College in San Fernando will be hosting its memorial football tournament in recognition of several former students who have passed on.


VFFOTT mourns the passing of Auguste Wooter

Mr. Selby Browne, Vice President, of the Veteran Footballers Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago (VFFOTT) greeting Mr. Auguste “Cha Cha” Wooter, at Piarco International Airport, Trinidad and Tobago in January 2013.The Veteran Footballers Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago is saddened on the passing of Mr. Auguste “Cha Cha” Wooter, former Suriname national footballer and coach of the exceptional St. Benedict’s College football team of the 1960s.


Latest Results

League Standings

# Team P Pts
1 Arima 0 0
1 Caps 0 0
1 Chag 0 0
1 Mucurapo 0 0
1 Fatima 0 0
1 Naps 0 0
1 Pres Sando 0 0
1 San Juan 0 0
1 Shiva 0 0
1 St. Anthony's 0 0
1 Gustine 0 0
1 Benedicts 0 0
1 St. Mary's 0 0
1 Trinity 0 0

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