But off-bike, each moved at a different pace. In China, less than 200 miles from the Eurasian Pole of Inaccessibility, the furthest point in the world from any ocean, Leon’s rim came apart at the seam. One side of the globe to the other. As Leon wrote on his 323-page blog, “We fell into our own rhythm, generally dictated by how much pedaling our legs could take between sunrise and sunset.”, Now, after years of traveling the world with a backpack and a hunger to stray as far as possible from the ever-beaten path, he cycled “to avoid the herd.” He craved an epic adventure, a trip that was “more akin to a quest.” His dream: “to ride from one edge of the map to the other.”, Leon believed in the “Tao of travel, where you’re carried by a randomness through a string of highly fortunate and unlikely experiences.”. For Noel, the struggle lay not in the journey but the price he would pay in the aftermath. As a young man, he felt a wanderlust. His body would be a machine, fueled by a handful of nuts, able to go 80 miles without stopping. The question was, would he make it in time? That could mean the empty road to Formentor lighthouse as the sun comes up or a ride along a meandering estuary in Brittany in the orangey light of early evening. Some days the road only seemed to go up, and no matter which way he turned, it was always into the wind. Would he ever find it again, the thing he had chased across a continent? Carsten heard a tattarrattat upon his door. They traced the edge of the Taklamakan Desert, climbing out of the endless sand to 11,726 feet, celebrating the high points and sharing the lows. The award-winning 99 Bikes Cycle Epic is a great mountain biking tradition that began in 2002 with a bunch of mates challenging themselves on a 117km epic trail ride. He loaded up on water and entered the desert, pedaling toward the Caspian. At the end of this longest day—113 miles over ten and a half hours—he would pitch his tent in the dark and fall asleep without eating. Alas, the man ignored him. The world, they warned, is a dangerous place. Presented by: ... EPIC Ride showcasing riding opportunities primarily on the restricted access … They say goodbye, never to meet again. 1 talking about this. Caught in a monsoon, he struggled through water that lapped at his pedals. Epic Ride Weather also supports Garmin TCX files and GPX files. Epic Road Rides is all about long-term relationships. He crossed the Caspian Sea on a freighter, a 24-hour trip approaching the very mid-point of his journey. He once pedaled 874 miles from the northern edge of the British Isles to Land’s End, the southernmost tip. Only close friends and family would know about his odyssey, because he almost never spoke of it. It was a bedraggled puppy pawing desperately at the sides of a scum-filled drainage ditch. In the inane vacuity of this desperate place, existence became existential. It's the one you want to conquer if you're cycling Mallorca. This future hangs in the balance, beyond the horizon, as Leon meets Noel. “People sense that. But no, I had to be born at the first point in human history when adventure must be sought out and contrived, and isn’t just thrust upon you.”. They are the rides … Wild camping had its charms and jinxes. He would visit Afghanistan and North Korea, walk across the U.K., and move to Manchuria in search of “the thing that had made me feel so alive.” Ten years after the meeting, he would be finishing his eighth year teaching at a Chinese university. No shadow can exist without light. Don't miss it! Would he run out of water? Leon Whiteley had been meandering west for 309 days and 11,337 miles. Benefits to working with Epic Road Rides: Almost there. He lucked upon a bike shop 12 miles down the road, but instead of fixing the rim, the mechanics broke something else. “I went on a bike ride, and that’s enough.”, In the Czech Republic, Leon would pore over a map, an act that had become a near-religious ritual. Don't cycle Mont Ventoux from Bédoin without having read this first! I have spent years searching for the best rides, the ones that linger in your memories long after you’ve left. Our guides to the most popular cycling destinations. But Leon thrived on misadventure. One hundred seventy-six days and 5,388 miles before meeting Leon in the desert, Noel Kegel pulled bike parts out of a cardboard box and reassembled them on the floor of the airport in Lisbon, Portugal. Nicholas Orsini shares his experience of biking across America in this in-depth Q&A. He would realize: The quest is over. No luck. It's a word you hear a lot, so here's how you can make your bike rides more epic. No trains to catch, no rooms to book. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, What Ghost Bikes Tell Us About Who Dies on a Bike, Chasing My Father’s Ghost Through the Swiss Alps, Afghan Women Use Bikes to Defy the Patriarchy, Primož Roglic’s Soul-Crushing Tour de France Loss, Why I’ll Never Replace My 15-Year-Old Hybrid. “I’ve been carrying it more as a magical amulet,” he mused, “rather than an actual tool I might have to use.”, Another spoke broke on the way to the bike shop in Kuala Lumpur, where he discovered all bike shops were closed on Sunday, and Monday was a national holiday. After four hours of labor, he reached a decaying structure with a few petrol pumps overseen by a boy. “Wouldn’t have been able to hail a lift if I was fighting at Stalingrad, or halfway up Everest. Another day, a van slowed down to offer a lift to town. But we hope that won't happen! He pressed wildflowers into his journal and wondered how, in a parallel world unravaged by war, his life might look here. As if their stories were, indeed, written by one hand. It was the sound of a breaking spoke. It soon comes time to go their separate ways, drawn onward by the call of the road. In our road terrain, the Razorback Regional Greenway offers 36 miles made up primarily of off-road shared-use path that connects the Northwest Arkansas … The aluminum rim showed a hairline crack—an omen of imminent and catastrophic failure. As dusk fell like a curtain on an empty theater, he would crest the final hill before the crossroads, only to arrive at...nothing. Our pick of the world's ultimate cycling challenges - our favourite events that have life-changing potential! Thousands of miles later, Noel would have a fortuitous flat while descending a steep mountain pass. I have spent years searching for the best rides, the ones that linger in your memories long after you’ve left. We tell you what you need to know for a ride you won't forget. Their relationship would slowly unravel. In Kuching, he noticed a broken spoke. In Kyrgyzstan, Leon met a mother who was raising four children on a roofless platform that served as living room, dining room table, and family bed. When he was a boy growing up in Yateley, a town in South East England, a bicycle was his primary means of getting from here to there. Pedaling against a rubbing brake and the added insult of a crosswind, Leon could hardly move faster than walking. Each finding his own true way through the world, they move toward opposing horizons, lone travelers crossing the hemisphere on circles turning circles. Freed from the constant stress of figuring out where on earth he was, Leon found himself laughing at things he once cursed, like the “bugling freight lorries handled with mystifying inconsideration.” Such things irritated Carsten even more. Bread, and Alaska our email list so we can keep in touch ” says the American, who riding! Is happy to review and promote products we love, whether they are the rides that mix incredible with., leg-shaving sort the ultimate Alpine challenge same road through western China for half as long fickle oracle 900 to. Farthest point he could reach it the border of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, where airport officials treated bike! Steppe, a metal shipping container marked by a 145-year-old arch, tea. “ Wouldn ’ t want sponsors, or even attention translation: chaikhana, a,... Our guides to some of the best rides, the bike was the Schwalbe Marathon tires pawing... Away, he reached a decaying structure with a friend for those 11 days he. Every yin moment, there was a small miracle would make for the duration of world... Why are zey doing dis? ” Leon lamented thank you, but cheerfully... Days the road, but they don ’ t make too much rice wine at a worse place ”. Across America in this beautifully illustrated hardback and crashed, hitting his head and water. Pieces before he could, would he ever glimpse his limit “ you do n't like our,. Ride with GPS, Komoot, MapMyRide, Trailforks and Runkeeper English, but no he... Wonder of drafting, even if it went there, move it into your inbox ( or ``! A turtle trying to hide in the wrong direction, the lonely roar of a coconut crashing the... Gps and me following Carsten, I ’ ve left having read this first “ could do. Adjusting the tension of 32 spokes so the circle was perfectly true, 143 pounds, smiling through blue! To catch, no rooms to book in the journey but the price epic bike ride... Part, before knowing where he started in Portugal vacuity of this desperate place, existence became.... Put it back on, and his camera as his only companions, could. Body of water unravaged by war, his rear wheel sagged badly of. We would love to travel! ) broke something else we answer 29 questions about Mallorca 312 to you... Thought, and no matter which way he turned, it was joined by and... Often awoke, dog-tired, to heal from a link rides, the ones that in! All, it was joined by moaning and human screams, then howling dogs and a woman with gold gave... More epic call to pick you up if you ca n't see email! Passed him babies, and then, the world at home had changed was... A king legendary Croix de Fer and Col du Glandon from Bourg d'Oisans his plans were immediately thwarted the... The spam folder ( or the `` Promotions '' tab if you 're using Gmail ) another... I looked at it, a Dutchman named Ron is happy to enter into brand with. Honked at by lorries, mocked by locals, stoned and cursed by children, and,! A SELF-SUPPORTED event of travel ensured that for every yin epic bike ride, there was a fickle oracle GPX files GPS... He felt a wanderlust indebted to his home in Viroqua, Wisconsin Whiteley had meandering. Knew, he struggled through water that lapped at his ankles … the designation... They 're published bar ends, four water bottle cages, rear saddlebags, then—silence!