Sun, May


It was a brilliant goal by Kiddell Lewis in the 73rd minute that took Caution FC to winner’s row in the Knockout Division final of the bpTT Razack Jan Memorial Mayaro Football League at the Mafeking Recreation Ground last weekend.

At the end of the match, the 2–1 scoreline was enough to take Caution past a fighting MayGuaya United team, which was denied copping both the Knockout and League double in this year’s competition.

Caution’s captain Keston McLeod said, “It was a struggle but we came through in the end because we fought and played like a team.

“This year was the best ever in terms of the league competition and I have to commend the organisers and sponsors for constantly making improvements to the competition.

“Now it is up to us players to use this league as a platform and step up to recapture the glory days of Mayaro football.”

The knockout final also marked the formal end of the league and segued into the prize-giving ceremony, which was attended by Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Clarence Rambharat.

“I recently had to correct someone when they said that energy companies don’t invest in our country.

“I reminded them that over the years, bpTT has made invaluable investments in the development of Mayaro, including the Mayaro Resource Centre, the Mayaro Initiative for Private Enterprise Development, the Brighter Prospects scholarship programme and sporting leagues like this football league,” said Minister Rambharat.

“We need to acknowledge what bpTT has done and remember that to whom much is given, much is expected.”

Matthew Pierre, Community Liaison Officer, bpTT, represented the company in the distribution of the many trophies and prizes at the event.

“More than 300 players took part in the football league this year and I want to thank everyone who worked hard to make it a success.

“I especially want to commend Illusions International Sports Club for making this league accessible to everyone with the new Under-12 division to support the U-14, U-16 and Senior age divisions.”

Pierre also issued a challenge to the players saying, “We are investing in young people and have been supporting football in Mayaro for over 25 years.

“I hope that one day soon, we will see a team emerge from this league that will surpass the Mayaro United team that made it to the Round-of-16 in the CONCACAF Champions League.

“I want to see you all take it to the next level and help energise Mayaro.”


1 MayGuaya United
2 Terminal Strikers

1 Caution FC
2 MayGuaya United

Most Valuable Player
Brandon Roberts (MayGuaya United)

Most Goals
Carlon Hughes (MayGuaya United)

1 MayGuaya Eagles
2 Future Stars SA

Most Valuable Player
Decklan Marcelle (MayGuaya Eagles)

1 Biche FC
2 MayGuaya Hawks

Most Valuable Player
Jerry Morris (Biche FC)

1 MayGuaya Hawks
2 MayGuaya Eagles

Most Valuable Player
Kylon Frederick (MayGuaya Hawks)