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Sun, May


THE GALLY’S Football Finishing School (GFFS) will again host a series of specialist clinics to expose young players to the art of finishing throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

According to Everald “Gally” Cummings, who is a former Trinidad and Tobago men’s team midfielder and coach, this is a skill that is generally lacking in the game at all levels in the twin-island republic.

“Players get inside the box and they seem hesitant to shoot and pass on the responsibility to another player, who might be in a more difficult striking position and miss a golden opportunity to score,” said Cummings. “And this is noticeable even at the senior level.” He has dedicated some time to impart to the young boys and girls (between ages 7-17) this skill which he mastered during his playing career (as early as age 15) as a national and professional footballer.

This year he hopes to do some screening so that players with the most potential can benefit. Players who were exposed to the programme last year will also benefit.

The GFFS has sought sponsorship to facilitate participation and has requested that players be fully sponsored so that there will be no registration fee.

First Citizens has again come on board and Amalgamated Security is a new sponsor who will support the programme this year.

The programme will be launched in the Central region in early July. Players will be drawn from Enterprise, New Settlement, Felicity, Edinburgh 500 and the environs.

Details of other clinics will be released as arrangements are finalised.

The GFFS expresses its appreciation to individuals, members of the private and public sector as well as the media who supported the programme last year and looks forward to their collaboration this year.