Morvant Caledonia United process of reuniting with their community continued this weekend during their Round Two Match Day Seven encounter against San Juan Jabloteh and Flow was a prepared and willing partner.

Flow continues to show their sponsorship support of the Youth Pro League (YPL) when they visited the Morvant area with their cameras to capture what some may say was the “El Classico” of the Youth Pro League as Morvant/Caledonia United took on San Juan Jabloteh.

Jabloteh on the verge of a three division sweep in the Flow YPL, and Morvant/Caledonia United seeking to put some spokes in their wheels in the U14 and U16 Divisions having already won the U18/Reserve Division, made for what would be an exciting game day. Some of Jabloteh old boys were on hand to see their Club clinch all Divisions in the Flow YPL with two more matches in hand.

Flow was out with their camera man and interviewer along with the snow cone man giving away free snow cones, a testament to its great taste were the number of young people who flocked him with the intent of getting one in hand quickly, and the hot sun was also a good reason to swamp the snow cone man as well.

Parents were out in their numbers supporting their children along with members of the community who came out to see the young people play. What was obvious was the fact that the Flow YPL brought life back to the community. On speaking with one person who lives a stone’s throw away from the Morvant Recreation Ground, she said, “I am glad to see the Pro League in Morvant.

There is such a stigma here and while we cannot deny that there is crime all around, this part of Morvant is safe and we hope to keep it so.” She also said “I would like the Pro League to come in and help with the play park that is run down, do something for the community. Football related courses for the young men and young women, let them know that there are other things to get involved in that could help to mould them into better citizens. I am more than glad to see the Pro League here, more than glad.”

Flow Youth Pro League also brought out the entrepreneurs in the community, as Ms. Brown came out with her popcorn machine placed it in her garage and the sales began. There was also free wifi available in the stands which the members in the community said that they are more than happy to have courtesy the San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation

One thing was certain, that although Morvant/Caledonia United suffered defeat against San Juan Jabloteh, they won their biggest victory when they were able to actually return home where they belong.