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Sat, Mar


Marcellus Pacific netted the lone goal as Crown Trace FC edged Gasparillo Youth FC 1-0 to take the top spot of the Under-20 Division of the 17th annual Carapichaima Youth Football Super League at the St Mary’s Recreation, Freeport on Wednesday.

Pacific got the match winner in the 61st minutes from the penalty-spot after he was fouled.

Gasparillo Youth had a similar chance to equalise in the 81st min but the ball was kicked way over the goal post.

Jourvel Guadelope, Central defender of Crown Trace FC was name the Most Valuable Player of the Under-20 age group.

In the Under-17 Division SKHY FC retained its title in the with a 5-4 penalty-kicks win over Todds Road United after a 0-0 draw.

SKHY FC edged Cap Off youths FC 1-0 with goal from Shaquem Bleasdell in the 11th in their semifinal while Todds Road also had a 1-0 triumph against Roystonia FC via a 16th minute Jonathan Richards strike.

Last year, SKHY FC beat Cap Off Youths FC 1-0 with a goal by Tshad Selvon in the 35th minute in the Under-17 decider while in the Under-16 finals, SKHY FC prevailed over Roystonia Youths FC 2-0.


Under-15 Division


Central Soccer World 3 vs Tunapuna Titans 0 – By default

Crown Trace FC 2 (own goal 1st, Ivan Dos Santos 17th) vs Cap Off Youths FC (0)


Crown Trace FC 1 (own goal 40th) vs Central soccer world (0)

MVP: Isaac Lynch (Crown Trace FC)

Under-17 Division


Todds Road 1 (Jonathan Richards 16th) vs Roystonia FC 0

Skhy FC 1 (Shaquem Bleasdell 11th) vs Cap Off Youtjhs FC 0


Skhy FC 0 vs Todds Roads United 0 -
Skhy FC won 5-4 on penalty-kicks

MVP: Shaquem Bleasdell (SKHY FC)

Under 20 Matches


Gasparillo Youths 1 (Darren Moore 4th) vs Trincity Nationals 1 (Tyrese Spicer 17th) -
Gasparillo won 2 -1 on penalty-kicks

Crown Trace 1 (Kendell Hitlal 23rd) vs Skhy FC 1 (Aaron Skeene 12th) -
Crown Trace won 3-2 on penalty-kicks

Under-11 Division

Gasparillo Youths 3 (Mark Young, John Ross, Jaysie Penda) vs New settlement Sports 0

Tabaquite 2 (Eldon St Louis 2) vs New Settlement Sports 0

Gasparillo Youths 3 (Jaysie Penda 2, Josiah Bain) vs Princess Town Sports 0

Gasparillo Youths 1 (Jaysie Penda) vs Tabaquite 0

New Settlement Sports 0 vs Princess Town 0

Tabaquite 2 (Jessie Charles 2) vs Princess Town Sports 0

Under-13 Division

Princes Town S.A (Raymond Commissiong, Omari Brereton) vs Tabaquite 1 (Jayden Baptiste)

St Madeline Strikers 3 (Joel Maitland-Wilson, Jabarie Forbes, Jah-Malee Barclay) vs Gasparillo Youths 1 (Jaysie Penda)

Tabaquite 1 (Shakeem Revenales) vs Gasparillo Youths 0

St Madeline Strikers 1 (Ashton Ifill) vs Princess Town 0

St Madeline strikers 3 (Joel Maitland-Wilson 2, Josiah Cooper) vs Tabaquite 0

Princess Town Sports 3 (Jaylon Brereton 2, Omari Brereton) vs Gasparillo Youths 0