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Player Directory


Player Nickname Position Date of Birth Active
Borde, Marc F No
Boucaud, Andre M 1984-10-10 Yes
Boucher, Keon F Yes
Boxhill, Ulric M No
Bradshaw, Lewis F No
Braithwaite, Conrad Savannah M No
Brewster, Leo Twinkle Toes F 1950-10-31 No
Brown, Arthur Jap F No
Browne, Gerry F 1944-12-09 No
Burnett, Clyde Milo Man GK No
Burnett, Harold Bobool F 1915-06-23 No
Burnett, Rex Ropo F 1918-10-02 No
Butcher, Kenneth The Smooth M 1949-01-15 No
Butler, Warren F 1971-06-03 No
Cabral, Dave F No
Caesar, Trevin F 1989-04-26 Yes
Carpette, Leon Nabb M 1950-04-10 No
Carr, Paul F No
Carrington, Reynold Hippo D 1970-01-27 No
Carter, Earl Spiderman GK 1955-12-20 No