Sun, May


AFTER losing six straight matches in the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Premier Division earlier this season, many may not have thought that the San Juan North football team would be visiting the President of Trinidad and Tobago Anthony Carmona after being crowned Intercol champions.

Yesterday members of San Juan North, including coaching staff and other school officials were honoured by Carmona at the Office of the President in St Ann’s. San Juan North were crowned Intercol champions on December 6 when they defeated Presentation College San Fernando 1-0. San Juan North’s visit follows the visit Shiva Boys made on November 1 after winning the Shell/First Citizens Secondary Schools Football League Premier Division competition. 

San Juan North were the unlikely winners in the Coca Cola Boys Intercol competition as they just survived relegation in the Premier League earlier this season. San Juan North finished 12th among the 15 teams in the Premier League avoiding relegation as the bottom three teams fell to the Championship division. 

Carmona in his address to the players said, “let that trophy inspire you all individually for the rest of your lives knowing fully well that as a team collectively and individually that we can succeed and that we rise to excellence.” Carmona told the players that they are talented and have the ability to make it to the next level. 

“It is indeed a great moment that I am in the presence of potential international footballers because I indicated to (your) captain just a while ago that I feel that there is a need for us to increase our vision in terms of where our next top footballer is going to come from. I am convinced that the senior national coach of the TT team must begin to look at the national colleges league to include young footballers on that team because I have seen your magic.” Carmona told the footballers that they will face adversity but encouraged them not to give up. “The road is going to be bumpy, the road to success is a long one but it will be a successful one if you persevere and always keep courage and hope.” Captain of San Juan North Lukman Brooks presented a San Juan North t-shirt to Carmona. Brooks told Carmona, “I will kindly like to thank you for inviting us to your wonderful office and celebrating this victory with us and giving us inspirational words to continue our football careers.”