WITH THE launch of the inaugural Women’s Premier League (WPL) last Thursday at the Police Barracks, St James, all eyes were on the Trinidad and Tobago women’s team players, as well as the international players invited for this tournament, set to make its mark on women’s football not only here in Trinidad and Tobago, but the entire region, including South and Central America.

Meanwhile, local clubs are ‘‘crying wolf’’ as many of their better players have moved across to the WPL, as it offers some monetary compensation and a more competitive stage to showcase their talents.

Last week, St Ann’s Rangers removed their champion team from the WoLF (Women’s League Football) as many players were lost to the WPL. Rangers have two teams in the WoLF and will continue with their youth team in the competition.

This now leaves 19 teams vying for the coveted 2015 Championship title.

This year, the league moved away from its usual Premier and first Division format, opting for a zonal competition in anticipation of the time when teams would lose some of their better players to the WPL. In that way, there would be an even cross-section of players among the teams, thus still making it competitive to some extent.

After zonal competition, the top two teams from each group and the two best overall third- placed teams would face off in a knockout Big 8 Finals. Dates are still to be confirmed along with the forthcoming FA Cup Competition.

Weekend Results (Izler Browne Division) -

Match Day Three -

POINT FORTIN CIVIC (13) - Denecia Prince 6, Javanah Moreno 3, Shenelle Jordan 2, Latavia Morris, Tamara Johnson vs WATERLOO STARLETS (0).

PETROTRIN (2) - Jahra Thomas, Britney Cooper vs LA BREA ANGELS (0).

Ricarda Nelson Division -

Match Day Five -

QUEEN’S PARK (1) - Brittney Farah vs DIEGO MARTIN CENTRAL (0).

Delia De Silva Division -

ST AUGUSTINE (3) - Patrice Campbell 2, Naomie Guerra vs DEFENCE FORCE (3).