Sun, May


As an avid football supporter, I would like to offer some humble suggestions to Messrs Dexter Skeene and company, on how to get the crowds out to games.

Firstly, they must cease and desist from using those three stadiums for matches.

The simple reason is, they feel like cold iron and steel structures and as spectators we are too far from the action sitting high up in those steep stands.

We need to look at the English second tier stadia where the crowds are right next to the touch lines and there is a closer connection with the players and the crowd.

Also, the seating capacity averages around 5,000 to 12,000 which I think is a reasonable target for the pro league to achieve.

Moreover, the idea of using local Community grounds is an excellent idea, but these grounds must be substantially improved with user friendly stands, and not those concrete monstrosities such as what exists at those aforementioned stadia.

In addition, they must use the media to profile key players and TV ads showcasing their highlights on the field. In essence, the Pro League must use the media to create star players.

I think by and large, that the league more so, the players are generally unknown, for all you see is a brief mention on the sporting news, with some badly positioned cameramen showing the clippings.

The league must get some private video production company to showcase the games and players.

Another idea is to have the teams go into the schools and conduct joint training programmes in order for the youths to feel a sense of identity with the pro league clubs.

With this the clubs must work on their communication skills of the players. They must be able to conduct a proper interview.

These are my humble and simple views that I think could lead to improving the spectatorship of the league.

The quality of play is another aspect. I am fully aware that these ideas would need a substantial injection of funding to be realised, but there’s no doubt that the money is there, but to get the relevant organisations to buy in is another challenge, but not doubt achievable. Here’s to the new pro league.

Dear Editor Wayne Charles T&T