U-15 Women in trainingTrinidad and Tobago national Women's U-15 team head coach Marlon Charles and his assistant coach Jamila Gamero who also serves as team Manager has been working hard behind the scenes with the national youth team in hope of qualifying for the 2014 Women's World Cup in Canada.

Jamila Gamero spoke to the Soca Warriors Online (SWO) and give us an in-depth report  on how things have been going thus far with their preparations.

Gamero said: "In 2010 it was a significant year in the history of Women’s football in Trinidad and Tobago. The country hosted the first ever Women’s World Cup which saw our U-17 team perform with distinction, and our newly formed U-15 team also travelled to the inaugural Singapore Youth Olympics and performed well."

"These achievements were due to the collaborative efforts of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation and the Technical Director for Women’s football Mr. Even Pellerud and his coaching staff, through sound planning, organisation and implementation."

"If we are to compete successfully at international level, planning, organisation, timelines and follow through is needed to ensure that the programme policies, aims and objectives will be properly realised in order to capture the respect of all stakeholders (i.e. parents, players, schools, media, sponsors, government, teachers etc)."

U-15 Women´s Football Development Programme Purpose and Objectives

"The U-15 National Women´s Football team began training on February 19th, 2011 to the present date. We began training with approximately thirty five players, and the player pool has grown to fifty players, ages ten- fourteen years.:

The Management Team is headed by; Mr. Marlon Charles (Head Coach), Mrs. Jo Daniel (Assistant coach), Mr. Sheldon Bridgeman (Equipment Manager), and Mrs. Jamila Gamero (Team Manager)."

"The team began with two training sessions per week on Fridays, and Saturdays, and from August 2011 they began training on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays."

"These young women have improved tremendously over the last seven months, and have been afforded a tremendous opportunity to participate in a holistic player development programme which aims to harness the balance between academics and athletic prowess."

"It is a first for any National Women´s Teams and parents, players, and the staff must all be highly commended for their level of professionalism and commitment to the development of these young women, and the future of women´s football in Trinidad and Tobago."

"The major goal of the U-15 Development Programme is to train, prepare, and maintain a pool of forty players ages 11-15 for the 2014 Women´s World Cup in Canada."

U-15 Women"Our overriding philosophy is to use football as the vehicle for the holistic development of female athletes at a crucial stage of their development, and to increase the development opportunities for young players and the success of Youth National Teams, added Gamero."

Short Term Goals

- Developing mentally, physically, social prepared young women.
- Teamwork (gathered through working in groups toward a common goal).
- Discipline (players will learn to adhere to rules governing the program).
- Respect (success requires an appreciation of other points of view).
- Improved concentration (exposure to various theoretical and practical environments).
- Enhanced self worth (praising and rewarding effort).
- Greater self confidence (through timely and objective feedback).
- Improved self esteem (focus will be on process and performance goals rather than outcomes).
- Improved overall health (exposure to consistent levels of vigorous physical activities).
- Positive social interaction (exposure to productive, positive and uplifting environments vs. previous experiences).
- Improved decision making skills (player centred approach style of delivery).

Long Term Goals

- Educational opportunities (scholarships to attend local and foreign universities).
- Lifelong health and fitness (exercise becomes a way of life).
- Development of a training pattern and a system from U-15 that will transcend to when girls reach the senior team level.
- More established range of technical skills (practice, practice and more practice makes permanent; greater levels of consistent successful performance).
- Opportunities to represent national youth and senior women’s teams (visibility higher through the program).
- Opportunities to play professionally (representing national teams at local, regional, and international competitions improves chances for scout recognition).
- Prepare, Train, and Compete successfully at the 2014 Women´s World Cup in Canada.


According to Dr. Margaret Ottley, renowned sports psychologist, she believes that we are on the brink of a sports performance explosion in Trinidad and Tobago, especially in global arenas. Some of the short, medium, and long term benefits for our players are:

- Educational opportunities- (scholarships to attend local and foreign universities).
- Technical Competency- (greater levels of consistent successful performance).
- Psychological Development-Learning the value of confidence, concentration, and composure as elite athletes.
- Country Ambassadors- (increased visibility of our Youth National Teams).
- Opportunities to play professionally (representing national teams at local, regional, and international competitions improves chances for scout recognition).
- Development Programme Chronogram.
- Coaching Development (Developing a feeder system for our youth coaches to progress from the youth to the senior levels).

The current players on the squad: - Aalliyah Charles, Megan Henry, Cherise Roberts, Rhea Russell, Natisha John, Samantha Millen, Oliiva Jagggernath, Naomie Guerra, Kachelle Clarke, Clayanne Knott, Demi Guevara, Khadijah DeFreitas, Shadelle Fortune, Aaliyah Chow, Zoey Swift, Kristal Lewis, Renee Mike, Chelsea Frederick, Kherdine Cuffy, Kelsey Henry, Nicolette Craig, Chelcy Ralph, Jahra Thomas, Kahline Jacob, Dennecia Prince, Delicia Alfred, Tamara Johnson, Krystal Preddie, Rebecca Almondoz, Shinica Jack, Shivell Phillip, Kerdell Rojas, Shanelle Arjoon, Ronique Alexander, Sarah Joy, Maya Matouk, Jordan Vanreeken, Lily Stauble, Anastasia Raphael, Felicia King, Jesha Campbell, Shuntel Baptiste, Demisha Bailey, Kaydeen  Jack, Abishai  Guy, Tricell  Cation, Nicole Aming, Shianne Williams, Chevonne John, Ranelle Pascual, Tsai-Anne Mohammed, Shania Lewis, Jessica Johnson, Keifer Denon.

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