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TRAVELL EDWARDS, Sebastian Camacho, Kori Cupid and wildcard Raheam Borde left Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday to take part in the week-long Digicel/Chelsea Kick Start Academy.

The Academy will be staged in Barbados — it began on Sunday and runs until November 17. The boys will receive hands-on training from coaches of the English Premier League’s Chelsea FC.

The successful players were observed and assessed under the watchful eyes of Digicel Kick Start Clinics coaches, who selected the aspiring football stars based on skills, discipline and commitment displayed at the Digicel Kick Start Clinics across the Caribbean and Central America earlier this year.

In 2013, there was also the possibility of a wildcard chosen for the Academy in each participating country — Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua/Barbuda, Bermuda, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, St Lucia, St Kitts/Nevis, St Vincent/Grenadines and Suriname.

The wildcard was selected based on the performance results from the strength and agility tests that were run during the clinics by the Chelsea FC Foundation coaches. The wildcard selectee from each country was then placed in a raffle for a chance to be among the three names to be drawn by Chelsea FC utility player Ryan Bertrand and had the opportunity to win a space at the Digicel/Chelsea FC Academy this November.

Borde was one of the lucky wildcard winners who joined the other three “Trinis” participating in the Academy.

Once again, Digicel demonstrated its commitment to developing such a great team sport while the young footballers across the region continue to display, year after year, the highest level of talent.