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Stoke have launched an internal investigation after a prank gone wrong prompted striker Kenwyne Jones to reportedly throw a brick through teammate Glen Whelan's windshield after finding a pig's head in his locker.


This comes just days after the Stoke boys dumped eggs and flour all over Michael Owen's car. Michael Owen apparently did not go on a rampage after that incident, though.

From the Telegraph:

Jones is understood to have been furious after discovering the bloody carcass in his locker on Friday morning and threw a brick through the windscreen of Glenn Whelan's car as revenge. [...]

It is understood Whelan, the Republic of Ireland international, was behind the prank and he is expected to meet Stoke officials to explain his behaviour before Sunday's trip to Southampton.

In response to the incident, Stoke released this statement on their official website:

“The Club takes seriously reports of an incident at our Training Ground this afternoon.

“A full internal investigation will be carried out and those responsible for any unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with in accordance with the Club’s disciplinary procedures.”