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glen1T&T tackle Platense.

Head coach Francisco Maturana will use the match to have another look at his possible selections for the 2010 World Cup qualifier against El Salvador.

Though disclosing that he and assistant coach Russell Latapy already have a fair idea of their picks, he has said that there has been no final selection. The players from Argentina will head to San Salvador on Wednesday with  the overseas pros coming in next Sunday (February 8].

Platense is noted for being the first pro team of French star David Trezeguet. “This is another good training exercise for us because the players are getting stronger in their play with every match,”Maturana told TTFF Media ahead of Friday’s evening session at the Hindu Camp.“For me what is important is our readiness to play the game and so far I have seen a lot of things that we can be satisfied with.

But we still have some time before we the game against El Salvador so we have to maintain our intensity but also make sure our timing is right with everything that we are doing. ”Striker Cornell Glen, who shrugged off a a slight torn calf muscle, has risen to the challenge on tour, netting three in three coming off the bench in each of those matches. He is simply putting his best effort in , knowing all too well that the competition for places up front is stiff.

“My fitness is coming back so it’s just a matter of going out there and performing. Definitey there is a lift in perfornance and Russell coming back into the team has done a lot in terms of respect for each other and we have a leader to look up to and someone to take pattern from. We are all working hard and the confidence in the camp is high.“Russell’s input is really good at the moment. Sometimes when the coach (Maturana) needs to get something over to the players, Russell is there to break it down for us and that’s a big help,”Glen said.

Pressure for a pick on February 11 is nothing new to Glen.“There is always pressure especially when you have players like Kenwyne and Scotty in good form. But i like the pressure becsuse it helps to push me more to be on top of my game. I’m welcoming the pressure right now and I think it’s showing in my performances,” Glen added.

“It’s a long time away from home and the family but we are professional players so know how to deal with it and there’s no other way. We have to work hard to achieve our goals and the next main one is to beat El Salvador. Every match we play here is towards getting ourselves ready for the El Salvador.”The former LA Galaxy forward is also weighing his options at the moment with interest coming from the American MLS, Norway and Sweden.

“There is talk of some interest in Europe and the MLS but right now my main focus is the National Team which is why I am out here to be part of the preparations. After the El Salvador match then I’ll have a better idea of where my club career will continue,” Glen concluded.