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THERE will be no promotion to the 2005 season of the T&T Pro League.
Yesterday, the professional league issued a media release stating that the planned playoffs between the bottom two finishers in the PRO League and the top four in the National Super League would not be held this year.

In a release, Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene announced that the promotion/demotion playoffs had been squashed because the top two finishers in the Super League - champions Joe Public Football Club and runners-up LSporto Connection - declined to enter the playoffs.

"The two Pro league teams were prepared for the playoffs and eagerly anticipating the challenge ahead. However, in the present circumstances, we look forward to the playoffs taking place in 2005," Skeene said.

This means that South West Drillers and Tobago United, the last placed team in the 2004 Pro League, will continue to play professional football next year.