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31-May-2008 Football Players wants Centennial role.
24-Apr-2008 FPATT to shape pro football in T&T.
25-Mar-2008 FPATT slam T&TFF.
19-Mar-2008 World Cup players donations to FPATT.
12-Feb-2008 FPATT shocked by Warner comments.
09-Feb-2008 T&TFF deny match fee row.
08-Feb-2008 No match-fee for FPATT players.
22-Jan-2008 FPATT visits the North Coast Academy.
30-Dec-2007 FPATT looking to a productive 2008.
20-Nov-2007 FPATT at global conference.
13-Oct-2007 World body recognises FPATT.
26-Sept-2007 Yorke signs up with FPATT.
24-Sept-2007 Football reaching out for Africa.
22-Sept-2007 T&TFF lift blacklist.
21-Sept-2007 Hislop speaks out at Play the Game.
15-Sept-2007 T&TFF got more than $173m.
16-Sept-2007 TTFF to refute ‘bobol’ charge.
07-Sept-2007 TTFF never refused Jones.
06-Sept-2007 FPATT saves Jones' Premiership deal.
22-Aug-2007 TTFF blanking players' body.
09-Aug-2007 FPATT: Deal with us, Jack.
04-Aug-2007 Bonus matters to be addressed.
30-Jun-2007 Warriors serve Camps, T&TFF.
22-Jun-2007 Gloves Off - Shaka relishes FPATT role.
20-Jun-2007 FPATT letter to FIFA, Concacaf & FIFPro.
18-Jun-2007 Letter from Shaka to Warner.
17-Jun-2007 Morris: FPATT to take care of players.
06-Jun-2007 FPATT urge T&TFF to climb down.
04-Jun-2007 FPATT targets ethical agents.
04-Jun-2007 Harrison: Views & attitudes on FPATT.
04-Jun-2007 Minister Boynes meets TTFF, then FPATT.
29-May-2007 Davies: TTFF & FPATT to work together?
28-May-2007 Warriors happy with union awareness.
25-May-2007 Celebrities, Warriors in Tobago.
23-May-2007 Sancho: calls to end football impasse.
12-May-2007 Latapy Warriors boots on auction.
07-May-2007 FPATT- some comments on its aims.
03-May-2007 FPATT: FIFA won't ban players.
08-Apr-2007 Local football union keeps momentum.
06-Mar-2007 British players in support of FPATT.
04-Mar-2007 Warriors get English support.
17-Nov-2006 Update on Soca Warriors conflict.
13-Oct-2006 Warriors in limbo.

Avoid being eaten up by hungry wolves.
Never back away from a challenging opportunity because you lack the knowledge.
You can always acquire knowledge.
FPATT is here for you.
Know your rights.
Help make a difference.





Shaka Hislop.
61-62 Edward Street,
Port of Spain,
Trinidad, W.I.

Vice President:
Clayton Morris - Trinidad.

General Secretary:
Alison Ayres - England.

Financial Adviser:
Kevin Harrison - England.

Marketing & Office Manager:
Debbie Maya-McMillan - Trinidad.

Intl-Development Manager:
Kevin Harrison - England.

Co-opted Members:
Carla Herbert.
Darren Millien.
George Hislop.
Phillip Nunez.

Board Members:
Anthony Rougier.
Brent Sancho.
Cyd Gray.
Dwight Yorke.
Ian Cox.
Kelvin Jack.
Leonson Lewis.
Leslie Fitzpatrick.
Stern John.

Affiliated Members:
Carlos Edwards.
Kenwyne Jones.

Soca Warriors Online.
Warrior Nation.

Poll Time:
Fundraising for FPATT.

Team Work.

  • FPATT plans to go on a recruiting drive within the domestic leagues soon although local players are free to join of their own volition. Interested persons can call 1-868-624-9472. Membership is free for the first year. Kindly ask for Marketing Manager Debbie Maya-McMillan.
  • FPATT started in 2003 with Kelvin Jack, Brent Sancho and Travis Mulraine. However, for one reason or another it was not functional. In May 2006 FPATT was officially launched and is fully functional and hope with the supports of others stay up for many years to come.
  • Trinidad and Tobago's ambitious attempt to establish a football players association has been recognised by the Fédération International de Footballeurs Professionels (FIFPro). FPATT is the 43rd Professional Football Association to be formed globally. FIFPro, is a world-wide representative organisation for professional football players, of which 42 national players associations are members.


1. Friendly Game - 20-May-2007:
Celebrity All-Star 7 v World Cup Warriors 7.
After Penalties: 10 v 10.
Hasley Crawford Stadium.
Up-Close report with SWO supporter Touches.

2. Friendly Game - 23-May-2007:
Celebrity All-Star v World Cup Warriors.
After Penalties: 5 v 5.
Dwight Yorke Stadium.


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