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Ron relishes challenges with football's big guns.

Ron La Forest, former striker now turn football professor, is reveling at the prospect of the challenges before him at the Ascension Invitational Football League which gets going on Friday.

As the coach of new team, Real West Fort United, La Forest has the unenviable task of taking on some of the local football 'big guns' in the sport, such as Defence Force, Police and Terminix La Horquetta Rangers, among others.

Real West Fort will represent the constituency of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and according to La Forest, he is hoping that both club and prime minister will hold hands as they strive towards the eradication of crime in the area, provide avenues for many young people and return the community to the place of sanctuary for many, that it once was.

Real will open its account with a clash with Cunupia FC from 6 pm at the La Horquetta's Recreation Ground in Phase 2, La Horquetta. La Forest, who like many other clubs, had to stop their preparation more than two years ago because of the COVID-19 pandemic, told Guardian Media Sports that in spite of the short time to prepare, these are the kind of challenges he lives for.

"I like challenges so this is good for me, so it's up top me to mix and match them now and go forward and bear fruit. I love these challenges, the army, the Police, Terminix, these are the big ones.

"As a player, I used to enjoy playing against the big ones and that philosophy remained with me. I want to play against the big ones, so the timespan is short but I love the challenge.

"It wasn't really a challenge for me to prepare for the match because as a player you're supposed to be able to take care of yourself, get yourself fit, no trainer can get you fit. When you come to me, of course, I will add on the physical and technical skills but so far the players, the majority of them, feel good and looking good," La Forest explained.

His West Fort United will comprise a blend of youth and experienced players such as attacking midfielder Josimar Belgrave and Keron 'Ballpest' Cummings. Belgrave said at 35, his role this season will be to teach while he plays.  

The club's goal is to play in the T&T Pro League and be among the top football teams in the country.  

La Forest welcomes football after such a long time of inactivity and promises that given the opportunity to have sponsors at their side, it will be a magical time for the community of Diego Martin and surrounding areas, to look forward to in the future.