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National beach football team goalkeeper Zane Coker believes this country is on the right path to success and he is predicting that the team will be strong contenders for a spot at the 2017 FIFA Beach World Cup in the Bahamas.

Coker was speaking after the recent success of the team at the Lucayan Cup Challenge in the Bahamas where they defeated Mexico (5-4) and Bahamas 5-3 to win the tournament.

“There is no limit to the success this team can attain at the moment. We have the players with the right attitude and professional approach. We have the cohesiveness and brotherhood within the team which has been a major factor for us,” Coker said.

“The World Cup campaign is the big stage we always look forward to. I would not say we are a minor powerhouse. Being the number one Caribbean team and having victories over Guatemala and Mexico means we are up there with the best.”

Some of the other players who have been outstanding for the beach football team include Kevon “Showtime” Woodley, David McDougall, Chad Apoo and Lemuel Lyon. Coker who played in Switzerland earlier this year said there are now opportunities for his countrymen to play overseas.

“It was an amazing experience for me in Switzerland. Just going out there and portraying the same professionalism and efforts of playing with the beach national team made it an easy transition. I went out there and just did what I had to do and flying the red, white and black out in Europe. There are avenues now for me and other players of the national beach soccer team to play in some of the overseas Leagues,” he said.

Coker will now look forward to playing in the Tobago Beach Soccer Championship from November 13-15 of which Barcelona FC’s beach football team will be a participating team.