One on one with Victor Thomas - T&T beach soccer goalkeeper.

As we come to the end of the 2015 season which saw the Trinidad and Tobago Beach Soccer team capture the 2015 Lucayan Cup in the Bahamas where they defeated world powerhouse Mexico and the hosts in the process, we hear from National Beach Soccer team goalkeeper Victor Thomas in this One on One.

Thomas was in goal and scored in the 5-4 win over Mexico and also kept a clean sheet against Barcelona to help Swiss Chargers to a 2-0 win in the final of the 2015 Tobago Beach Soccer Championship last month.

What has been your best moment as a National Beach footballer?

My best moment as a National Beach football player is being able to lift  my first international trophy and being able to score against Mexico while doing so. Also a great achievement and moment/moments was representing my country as a beach soccer player.

What you think makes the difference between Beach football and regular 11 v 11 football?

I think what makes the difference between beach football and regular football is that the majority of the time, the ball is played in the air and not on the ground there are also unlimited substitutions within the game and the game being played is on a sandy area and not grass.

What made you want to play Beach football?

The reason I wanted to play beach football is because it gave me the opportunity to represent my country Trinidad and Tobago at the highest level and it’s also a opportunity to achieve something big in life. There is nothing better playing where there is sand, sea and sun .I found common interest in beach soccer compared to field football.

Do you see potential for it in Trinidad and Tobago?

There is a lot of potential for beach football in Trinidad and Tobago because we are a small island surrounded by beautiful beaches and sand. Trinidad and Tobago possesses many beach facilities in which beach football can be played.

What was the experience like playing at the Lucayan tournament in Bahamas?

The experience playing in the Lucayan Cup was very great and a wonderful experience for Trinidad and Tobago and us the players, after being victorious over Mexico and Bahamas it gave us a lot more confidence and experience that will be beneficial to us in the long run to go into next year qualifiers and compete for a World Cup spot.

Where do you see yourself in the next two years in Beach football?

In the next two years I see myself being able to apply my trade in some of the top leagues abroad, whether it’s Europe, Brazil or the U.S. And being able to participate in a FIFA World Cup. I also would like to become a well-known and high ranked athlete as a Goalkeeper.

What do you think about the work being done by the FA to develop Beach football

I think the FA is doing a tremendous job introducing the sport to a lot of young people and even in some villages and schools in Trinidad and Tobago. They are helping in promoting the sport and help in gaining  it’s recognition around Trinidad and Tobago. It doesn’t get better than that.

How have the preparations for the Beach Football World qualifiers been coming along?

The preparation for the beach football World Cup qualifiers have been coming along very well, we are training and working hard together as a team, we have a very good momentum going for us, first off by taking all the positivity  from our 5th place finish in the previous Concacaf qualifiers in El Salvador to winning the Lucayan cup and taking all the positivity into next year qualifiers. I think with all that considered, preparation have been good for us for far.

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