Sat, Jul


Calling Mr Smith

Should the last round of the 2016 Caribbean Club Championship (CCC) be held abroad, defending champions Bankers Insurance Central FC may still not be able to defend their title.

Consequently, Central FC managing director Brent Sancho is calling for a meeting between Pro League clubs and newly-installed Sport Minister Darryl Smith, to discuss a recent cut in Government assistance to clubs playing in the Trinidad and Tobago Pro League football competition.

A former Minister of Sport himself, Sancho said the unexpected cut in monthly Government assistance to professional clubs, from $83,000 to $50,000 per month, has left several local clubs struggling and possibly not being in a position to play in the Pro League next season.

“The feeling among most of the clubs is that they would want to have a one-on-one with the Sport Minister,” Sancho said. “He’s met with Mr Skeene (Pro League CEO) and our chairman Mr Romany, but I believe hearing it from the horse’s mouth – which are the club owners – as to what effect this cut will be, will bode well for everyone.”