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Former St Anthony’s college duo Brent Rahim and Julius James have been made 2018 honorees of the University of Connecticut in the United States.

Both players had successful careers in the Secondary Schools Football League before moving to UCONN on football scholarships.

Rahim was captain of Uconn’s 2000 National Championship Team. He is two-time NSCAA All American and 2000 MAC Herman Trophy Award Finalist. He is 8th All Time on UCONN assist list with 27. Rahim played professionally in the UK and other parts of Europe including Bulgaria and has represented Trinidad and Tobago at youth and senior level. He now works for FIFA as a director in Beach Soccer and Futsal.

James is a four-year varsity letter winner at UConn (‘04-’07), three-time team captain for the Huskies, Three-time NSCAA All-American (‘05-’07),Three-time First Team All- Big East (‘05-’07) and Big East Defensive Player of the Year (‘05-’07). He is still playing professionally having also passed through the ranks of American Major League Soccer (MLS)

Nigel Grosvenor, the head coach at St Anthony’s College during the players’ time at the high school, paid a glowing tribute to both men.

“Brent and Julius were top class players and individuals during their time at St Anthony’s and after. They were very good people and very disciplined,” Grosvenor told

“From the time Brent came to St Anthony’s from Under 14 right up he  was one of the top players. He was a team player, he never missed a practice and never missed a class.  He was always neat with shirt in pants at all times and  he was always a disciplined person. This transferred straight out to the field. He was one of the first from the school to get an overseas trial. He went out to Newcastle United for a trial and we were very proud of that. Nobody knew much because he never showed off or open his mouth and brag about it,” Grosvenor added.

Then he got the scholarship to UCONN and we were not surprised. He paved the way for the other boys. He was one of  the top players and UCONN and now he is an honouree. He paved the way for others at UCONN. You had Julius, Steve Sealy and even my son Qian who all went there. I will never forget when the UCONN coach Raymond ‘Ray’ Reid called and asked if I had other players of the calibre of Brent and I had to tell him that you don’t get players like Brent overnight.

“Brent was a gem at St Anthony’s and I am not surprised with his accomplishments but I am very proud. Up to recently he still asked if the school (St Anthony’s) needs anything and always willing to support, sending footballs and donations. He never forgot his roots.”

On James, Grosvenor spoke of certain qualities he possesses from very early.

“Julius was a transfer from St James Secondary and he was very, very disciplined also. Like Brent, I am not surprised at what is happening now with him because he is such a hard worker. He is one of the hardest workers on the field that I ever had. When he came into my office at lunchtime you could see it with the food he ate… it was just ground provision everyday. All the hard work paid off. It was his dream to come to St Anthony’s because we were really one of the top teams at the time and he help to take us to a next level.

“UCONN is one of the top schools in the United States and to have them being recognised there having come from St Anthony’s is a very proud feeling. At
St Anthony’s it was not just the footballers but the student body looked that looked up to them. Whenever they walked through the corridors it was a sight for the students. They always carried themselves as professionals on and off the field. They were prefects also because of the respect students had for them off the field of play also,” Grosvenor stated.