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Brent Sancho Web Chat

Log on to on Wednesday July 9th 2008 at 7 PM (EST) for a live WebChat with one of Trinidad and Tobago’s defenders, Brent Sancho. Considered by many in the T&T football fraternity as the missing piece in the puzzle that makes up the current T&T defensive line, Brent’s football career has been filled with all the makings of a graphic novel. From his troubled times at Gillingham FC to being blacklisted for his involvement in the impasse between the World Cup Warriors and the TTFF over unpaid bonuses, the controversial aspects of Sancho’s career may seem to have overshadowed the positive ones. However, in true Warrior fashion the 31 year old veteran defender has not let his negative experiences get the better of him and is fervently forging a path back to first team action for both Club and Country.

Currently on a 10 day trail at Wrexham FC in the Blue Square Premiere League, Brent is taking some time from his busy schedule to chat with his fans and T&T football supporters. Will his future club exploits put him on the radar of T&T head coach Franseco Maturana? Will he ever be in the TTFF’s “good books”? If selected, will he make a significant impact on T&T’s 2010 World Cup campaign? Only time will tell, but here’s your chance to have a candid discussion about these issues and more with T&T’s World Cup hero.

If you cannot make it to the WebChat feel free to email your questions for Brent to