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Clive Pantin, CEO of FEEL, greets Brian "Patriot" Springer

Though things were looking bleak for a while, our first annual food drive was a successful one. In true Trini style, most of the contributors waited until the last minute to drop off their items. The benefactor of this drive was FEEL (Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Life). In addition to food, they were also presented with a cheque in the amount of $2,000 TTD.

The handover took place on Wednesday, December 19th. Presenting the items to Clive Pantin, CEO of FEEL, were Warrior Nation members Joann Charles, Brian Springer and Tyron Waterman.

Ironically, while the handing over was taking place, Joann received a call from the Port which said that the barrel of food from Toronto, Canada had just arrived. FEEL will receive that barrel of food, once the item is cleared through Customs.

 We would like to thank the following people for contributing to this worthwhile cause:

Trinidad & Tobago:
Dayne Brizan
Arlene Caton
Joann Charles
Kwame Delandro
Anne De Silva
Duane Gonzalez
Kevin Holder
Damian Joseph
Gilbert O'Connor
Marina Piper
Mr. Romero
Andre Samuel
Patricia Smart
Brian Springer
Tyron Waterman

Miami, Florida:
Dustin Cameron on behalf of the Caribbean Professionals Association
Nigel Myers

Toronto, Canada:
Patrick Aqui
Chris De La Rosa
Dexter John
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Khan
Marcus Marshall
Jeremy Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Nkosi Wiley

This is an inventory of the food items given to FEEL

Item Quantity
Baked Beans 9 tins
Butter Cookies 1 tin
Candy 205 pieces
Channa 1 bottle
Chick Peas 3 tins
Chicken Noodle Soup/Noodles 13 pks
Cocoa/Milo 6 tins/pks
Corn 5 tins
Corn Flakes 2 boxes
Corned Beef 14 tins
Crix 2 boxes and 1 pk
Evaporated Milk 11 tins/pks
Flour (5 kg) 5 pks
Fudge Cookies 1 box
Green Peas 2 tins
Jam/Marmalade 2 bottles
Juice 36tins/pks
Ketchup 1 bt
Lentils/Black Eye/Split Peas etc 26 pks
Lipton 1 large and 1 small box
Macaroni & Cheese 6 boxes
Mixed Vegetables 1 tin
Nuts 2 bottles
Nutty Flakes 1 box
Oil 4 bottles
Peas and Carrots 10 tins
Pigeon Peas 15 tins
Pineapple Tango/slices 3 pks/tins
Pink Salmon 2 tins
Powdered Milk 3 pks
Raisin Bran 1 box
Red Beans 6 tins/pks
Rice (2 kg) 5 pks
Rice (4 kg) 2 pks
Salt 2 pks
Sardines 16 tins
Spaghetti Sauce (meatless) 2 bottles
Spaghetti/Macaroni 22 pks
Sugar (1 kg) 2 pks
Sugar (2 kg) 2 pks
Sweet Soap 34 bars
Toilet Paper 1 bale i.e. 40 pks
Toothpaste 7 tubes
Tuna 37 tins
Vienna Sausage 17 tins
Washing Soap 1 pk
White Beans 2 tins
Whole Wheat Flour (5 kg) 2 pks