The 2008 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Soca Warriors Supporters Club, which is provided for by Article 2.6 of the By-Laws, will be held on Tuesday, March 18th via Internet. The AGM shall commence at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time and shall continue as determined by the President.


  1. The AGM will be held in a live Skypecast called the 2008 Warrior Nation AGM.
  2. To gain access to the AGM, members must have Skype installed on their computer, then add FelizianoTT to their Skype contact list. Of course, you will need a microphone in order to participate verbally. If you are having problems accessing the Skypecast at the aforementioned date and time, please contact the Secretary on MSN Messenger at feliziano_75@hotmail.com or send an e-mail to swsc@embarqmail.com.
  3. Members are kindly asked to come prepared as time is of the essence. The familiarization of the previous year’s Board of Directors Meeting Minutes is recommended. Questions, suggestions, grievances and concerns will be addressed from each member at the relevant time during the meeting. We welcome and encourage all members to participate.
  4. The general nature of business to be conducted at the Annual General Members Meeting (AGM) of the Soca Warriors Supporters Club shall include the following:
  • Call to order and Attendance census
  • Reading of Meeting Notice
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • President's Report
  • New Business
  • Question and Answers Session
  • Adjournment
We are aware that some individuals will not be able to attend the meeting due to work and/or personal commitments as well as the difference in time zones, however, you will be able to catch up on what you missed when the meeting minutes are released.