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Food baskets

For the 2009 holiday food drive, the Warrior Nation teamed up with Ms. Maude Phillip, a Medical Social Worker for St. George West, to present the food items to ten needy families.

2009 food drive presentation

Shari C. 
Shari is a single unemployed mother with two sons, ages 3 and 2. In addition, she is taking care of her niece (he brother’s daughter). Her niece's mother is deceased, while her niece's father does not play a part in the child’s life.

Eldra W. 
Eldra is a widow with four children. She has also adopted four nieces and nephews whose mother died as a result of domestic violence.

Euphemia A.
Euphemia is a mother of eight and is experiencing serious financial difficulties. The ages of the children range from fourteen months to eighteen years.

Sian D.
Sian is a single parent of six children. The father of the three eldest children died approximately eight years ago, and the father of the three youngest children has migrated to the United States.

Sophia D.
Sophia is a single mother of seven children whose ages range from two to fifteen years.

Crystal G.
Crystal is a single mother of five children whose ages range from three to nine years. 

Patricia H.
Patricia is a single mother of six as well as being a grandmother. Additionally, she takes care of two nephews and one niece whose mother passed away.

Alicia H.
Alicia is a mother of nine and has no support from the children’s father.

Bernadette M.
Bernadette is a mother of eight and is experiencing extreme financial difficulties.

Juliana R.
Juliana is a mother of five whose ages range from eight to seventeen years. She does not have any support from the children’s father.
2009 food drive presentation

We would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions:
Juma Bridgewater
Dayne Brizan
Arlene Caton
Joann Charles
Paul Date
Anne De Silva
Camille Dickinson
Robert Engelmann
Peter Khan
Nigel Myers
Duane Pena
Delano Sanchez
Patricia Smart
Brian Springer
Denzil Streete
Nkosi Wiley
Staff of Maple Leaf International School
2009 food drive presentation
Channa 1 pack
Crix (10 oz) 6 packets
Toilet Paper 12 rolls
Ketchup (36 oz) 1
Lotus Cake Flour (5 lb) 1
Lotus Bread Flour (5 lb) 1
Rice (2 kg) 3
Milk (225 g) 2 packets
Milk (1200 g) 1 packet
Milk – Evaporated 1 box
Milo 3 in 1 (160 g) 2 packets
Macaroni (400 g) 2 packets
Macaroni (800 g) 1 packet
Spaghetti (400 g) 2 packets
Pigeon Peas (400 g) 2 packets
Peanut Butter (500 g) 1 container
Vienna Sausage 6 tins
Red Kidney Beans 2 tins
Black Eye Peas 2 tins
Peas and Carrots 3 tins
Saffron Powder (85 g) 1 pack
Corn Flakes (510 g) 1 box
Orange Juice (1 litre) 5 boxes
Juice – Party Mix (1 litre) 2 boxes
Baked Beans 1 tin
Lentils 1 pack
Pink Beans 1 pack
Soft Drink (2 litres) 2 bottles
Peardrax (1 litre) 1 bottle
Sugar (900 g) 1 packet
Biscuit (135 g) 2 packets
Butter Toffees (454 g) 1 container
Sweets and gum (100 g) 2 packets
Candy cane 3 packets
Chocolate Wafers 4 packets
Guylian Chocolate 1 box
Lindor Chocolates 10
Danish Butter Cookies 2 tins
Chocolate Chip Cookies (350 g) 1 box
Breeze (400 g) 8 packets
Tooth Paste (90 g) 8 tubes
Toilet Paper 48 rolls
Bath Soap (5-pack) 8 packets
Dishwashing Liquid 8 bottles
Bleach (475 ml) 8 bottles
Crix (10 oz) 8 packets
Orchard Sorrel 8 boxes
Baking Powder (115 g) 8 packets
Peanut Butter (227 g) 8 bottles
Ovaltine (150 g) 8 bottles
Yeast (11 g) 8 packets
Macaroni (800 g) 8 packets
Pasta Shells (300 g) 8 packets
Pasta Elbows (300 g) 8 packets
Lentils (400 g) 8 packets
Black Eye Peas (400 g) 8 packets
Split Peas (400 g) 8 packets
Pink Beans (400 g) 8 packets
Tuna (6 oz) 24 tins
Peas and Carrots 8 tins
Flour (2 kg) 8 packets
Salt (800 g) 5 packets
Salt (500 g) 3 packets
Rice (4 kg) 8 packets
Ketchup (750 ml) 8 packets
Brown sugar (8 lb) 8 packets
Full Cream Milk (650 g) 9 packets
Mayonnaise (375 ml) 8 packets
Oil (500 ml) 8 bottles
Body spray (85 ml) 12 bottles
Body lotion (119 ml) 12 bottles
Chocolates 2 boxes
Pringles 10 tins
Danish Butter Cookies 8 tins
Nuts 10 bottles
Smalta 48 tins
Sweets 9 packets
Peardrax (1 litre) 10 bottles