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Holiday Food Drive 2012The 2012 Christmas holiday season saw the Warrior Nation take its food charity drive to the hometown of current national goalkeeper Marvin Phillip.

The recipient was the Operation Smile Home for Children, located at 10 Sonnyram Ave. Morne Roche Quarry Road, Poonah, Williamsville. The home was established in April 2001, but since 2006 they have been housed at their present location. The facility accommodates 40 children, and at present there are 32 kids with 3 caregivers. The ages range from 7-22, and at age 16, children can be reunited with their family. However, if this is not possible, the children are allowed to remain at the home. At present they have completed an additional building to house children 2 years and under.

In total, we raised $5,000 TTD and we also received donated food items.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who participated in this endeavor, and we look forward to doing it once again in 2013. A special mention goes to Central FC, who contributed some of the proceeds from their own food drive,  Caribbean Airlines Sunjets Football team, and Joann Charles who had the unenviable task of doing the shopping and delivery of the items.

Holiday Food Drive 2012Holiday Food Drive 2012

Below, you will find and itemized list of the goods that were presented to the children's home:


425 gms Mackerel 1 tin
Sardine 5 tins
Chicken Vienna Sausage 4 tins
Corned Beef 2 tins
500 gms Macaroni 2 packs
Whole Wheat Pasta Elbows 2 packs
Ramen Noodles 2 packs
Black Beans 1 pack
400gms Lentils 1 pack
Pigeon Peas 1 tin
400 gms Split Peas 1 pack
4kg Rice 1 pack
20 gms Frosted Flakes 54 boxes
20 gms Corn Flakes 12 boxes
Lipton Tea 50 packs
Swiss Tiss 1 pack
Water Chestnuts 1 tin
Corn 4 tins
Guava Jam 1 bottle
Bath Soap 6 bars
Toothpaste 6 tubes


Liquid Detergent 5 liters 7 bottles
Dish washing Liquid liters 2 bottles
Bleach 3.78 liters 4 bottles
Scotch Brite 12 rolls
5 liters Pine Sol 1 bottle
Toilet Paper 80 rolls
Pampers 500
Oil 5 liter 4 bottles
Sugar 9 kg 4 packs
Evaporated Milk 250 gms 60 boxes
Tuna 48 tins
Rice 9 kg 5 packs
Peas and Channa 400 gms 81 packs
Vienna Sausage 48 tins
Sardines 25 tins
Orange Juice 12 boxes
Milk 1800 gms 7 packs
Nesquick 1.38 gms 4 bottles
Macaroni 400 gms 24 packs
Caramel 48 packs
Salt 1000 gms 6 packs
Corn Curls 123 packs
Toothpaste 12 tubes
Soap 24 bars
Biscuits 2 boxes
Matches 40 packs
Milo 1kg 2 tins