Operation Salvation

The target of the seventh annual Warrior Nation/SocaWarriors.net Holiday Food Drive was the poor and needy in the Morvant/Laventille area. We managed to raise $6,500 TTD which was used to purchase food items which was then given to Operation Salvation for distribution. Operation Salvation is a network of twenty Full Gospel Churches functioning in the Morvant/Laventille area and beyond. It has been in existence for the past six years and its mission is the “Transformation of local communities through the application of gospel principles.”

Enough food was purchased to allow the creation of 36 food hampers which were given to the children and families of the Trauma Support Groups operated by Operation Salvation in the Morvant/Laventille and surrounding areas. The children are students of Morvant Laventille Secondary School, St. Barb’s Government Primary School, Our Lady of Laventille RC Primary School, Chinapoo Government Primary School, and Lower Morvant Government Primary School.

2013 holiday food driveAdditional food items were donated by individuals and T&T Pro League club, Central FC. We thank Central FC’s Operations Director, Kevin Harrison, for his support of this venture. These items were given to the elderly, and families in the area who are affected by HIV.

Operation Salvation’s Administrator, Tricia Lalmah, said “We give thanks to God and your group for the opportunity extended to us to continue to bring community transformation through the word of God and an extended hand. May God continue to bless and keep the members and families of the Warrior Nation and SocaWarriors.net. Again, thank you and we look forward to working with your group in the future.”

The following items were purchased for the hampers:

Rice (4kg) 36
Oil (900ml) 36
Flour (5 lb) 36
Yeast (box) 36
Baking Powder (pk) 72
Brown Sugar (1800gm) 36
Lentil Peas (2lb) 36
Dry Peas (2lb) 36
Chocolate for tea (pk) 36
Corn (tin) 36
Pease & Carrots (tin) 36
Mayonnaise 36
Wafers (pk) 36
Corned Beef (tin) 36
Vienna Sausage (tin) 72
Bath Soap 72
Powdered Soap (pk) 36
Toilet Paper 144
Macaroni (pk) 72
Ketchup (pk) 36
Kool Aid (pk) 108

The following items were donated:

Condensed Milk (tin) 10
Tuna (tin) 16
Corn (tin) 2
Soft Drink (tin) 4
Vienna Sausage (tin) 1
Peas (tin) 20
Rice (pk) 3
Sugar (pk) 2
Always Maxi pads (box) 1
Carefree Panty Shields (box) 1
Toothbrushes (pk) 1
Medium Jergens hand cream 3
Men's deodorant 4
Women's deodorant 4
Shampoo & Conditioners (pk) 2
Toilet Paper 10

Thanks to the following people who contributed to this effort:
Joann Charles
Samuel Edwards
Colin Goin
Robert Engelmann
Kevin Harrison and Central FC
Stephen Khan
Inshan Mohammed
Nigel Myers
Duane Pena
Marina Piper
Kevin Reveley
Tom Scrivener
Patricia Smart
Brian Springer
Denzil Streete
Antonio Tobas
Anthony Valley
Jason Weintraub2013 holiday food drive2013 holiday food drive