SWO 2014 Holiday Food Drive.

This is the eighth edition of our annual charity/food drive to help the less fortunate amongst us. This year we have selected Mothers' Union Children's Home from San Fernando to be the recipient of our donations.

Let's show our Warrior spirit and help to provide the kids with fundamental items which we may take for granted.

About Mothers' Union Children's Home (M.U.C.H.)
The Mothers' Union is an organization that campaigns and lobbies on National and International issues such as parental rights, child abuse and the protection of children. With these ideals in place and working with other NGOs and ecumenical groups, the Mothers' Union Children's Home was formally opened in 2001. For years the organization has strived to fulfill its objectives, to provide favourable conditions for stable family life and the protection of children, and to help those whose family life had been met with adversity. To this day the Home has been a place of refuge for children who are victims of abuse and those who are temporarily displaced. The Home has provided a safe and nurturing environment for these disadvantaged children ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years, all of whom were referred to by the Social Services and Family Unit of the Ministry of Social and Community Development.

To make a donation, please click here