Holiday Food Drive 2014

The community has once again been able to rise to the occasion and deliver food items to children in need. For our eighth annual Holiday Food Drive, we directed the proceeds to the Mothers’ Union Children’s Home in San Fernando.

Through the benevolence of our contributors we were able to ensure that the home’s residents had food on their tables during this time of year. We give a big thank you to all of those individuals and organizations who made this possible.

About Mothers' Union Children's Home (M.U.C.H.)

The Mothers' Union is an organization that campaigns and lobbies on National and International issues such as parental rights, child abuse and the protection of children. With these ideals in place and working with other NGOs and ecumenical groups, the Mothers' Union Children's Home was formally opened in 2001. For years the organization has strived to fulfill its objectives, to provide favourable conditions for stable family life and the protection of children, and to help those whose family life had been met with adversity.

To this day the Home has been a place of refuge for children who are victims of abuse and those who are temporarily displaced. The Home has provided a safe and nurturing environment for these disadvantaged children ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years, all of whom were referred to by the Social Services and Family Unit of the Ministry of Social and Community Development.


Purex 1 pkt
Vienna Sausage 2 tin
Maggi Vegetable Soup Mix 4 pkts
Macaroni 1 pkt
Peanut Butter 1 tube
Tuna 2 tins
Corned beef 1 tin
Lentil Peas 1 pkt
Split Peas 1 pkt
Tooth Paste 1 tube
Rice 1 pkt
Palmolive 12 bars
Soya Bean Oil 2 bottles
Lentil Peas 4 tins
Peas and Carrots 3 tins
Corned Beef 2 tins
Condensed Milk 4 tins
Kidney Beans 3 tins
Red Beans 1 tin
Green Pigeon Peas 6 tins
Black Eyed Peas 2 tins
Whole Peeled Tomatoes 2 tins
Fruit Cocktail 2 tins
Grapefruit juice 1
Orange juice 1
Whole Corn 7 tins
Creamed Corn 1 tin
Mackerel In Tomato Sauce 2 tins
Curry Channa 1 tin
Vienna Sausage 4 tins
Sardines 6 tins
Tapeo Latino 1 tin
Toilet Paper 40 rolls


Powdered Milk 4 pkts
Coconut Milk Powder 20
Ciff 4 pkts
Macaroni 30 pkts
Crix 40 pkts
Evaporated Milk 48 boxes
Fruit Cocktail 64 pkts
Milo 2 tins
Oats 8 pkts
Microwave Popcorn 32 pkts
Oreo biscuits 60 pkts
Orchard Juice 48 pkts
Devon Biscuit 96 pkts
Corn Flakes 10 pkts
Ketchup 24 pkts
Mayonnaise 4 btls
Powder soap 2 large pkts
Peanut Butter 4 btls
Tang 2 large bts
Salt 4 pkts
Colgate 12 large boxes
Sugar 2 large pkts
Elbows 6 pkts
Twists 6 pkts
Vienna Sausage 36 tins
Spaghetti 30 tins
Oil 1 lt
Split Peas 9 pkts
Lentil Peas 9 pkts
Mixed Peas 9 pkts
Noodles 12 pkts
Gel Cups 32 pkts
Harpic 4 btls
Scotch Brite 6
Disinfectant cleaner 5 tubes
Rice 2 large pkts
Bleach 2 large btls
Laundry Detergent 2 large pkts
Hershey’s Chocolate 260
Bath Soap 48 bars
Tooth Paste 12 tubes
Condensed Milk 24 tins
Pigeon Peas 18 tins
Mixed Vegetables 12 tins
Nesquik 2 btls
Snacks 36 pkts

We would like to acknowledge the following people for their support:

Juma Bridgewater
Joann Charles
Peter DeCoteau
Chris De La Rosa
Robert Engelmann
Darryl Frontin
Damian Joseph
Peter Khan
Inshan Mohammed
Nigel Myers
Duane Pena
Kevin Reveley
Omar Romero and MAD FC
Nigel Scott
Samuel Edwards
Patricia Smart
Brian Springer
Denzil Streete
Antonio Tobas
Anthony Valley