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Normally our annual holiday food drive is directed at one beneficiary. However, this year we extended ourselves to serve two institutions, the El Shaddai Restoration Home for Children and the Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre.

About El Shaddai Restoration Home for Children

Located in Gasparillo, the Home has been in existence for the past 20 years. At present there are twenty residents with ages ranging from 7-23. Of that number, fourteen are under the age of 18.

About Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre
In existence for over 15 years, the mission of the Hope Centre is to cater to the poor and needy, including drug abusers, battered women, and homeless individuals. The goal is to improve their quality of life through developing the total person; spirit, mind and body and providing support that will make a significant difference in their lives. Their vision is to offer their “guests,” shelter, food, healthcare, recreation, education, training, employment, and restoration, making each and every one marketable to face the world again and be productive contributors to the society at large.

Through your generous donations and financial contributions, we were able to alleviate some of the needs of the organizations over the holiday period. Following is a detailed list of what was given:

ITEMS PURCHASED for the El Shaddai Restoration Home for Children

Liquid Detergent (5 ltr) 4 bottles
Dish washing Liquid (5 ltr) 4 bottles
Bleach (3.78 ltr) 4 bottles
Bath Soap 24 bars
Pine Sol (5 ltr) 1 bottle
Toilet Paper 80 rolls
Shampoo 3 bottles
Oil (5 liter) 2 bottles
Sugar (9 kg) 4 packs
Evaporated Milk (250 gm) 12 boxes
Tuna 24 tins
Rice (9 kg) 4 packs
Peas (400 gm) 45 packs
Vienna Sausage 24 tins
Q-Tips 2 packs
Biscuit 48 packs
Sorrel 24 boxes
Orange Juice 12 boxes
Milk (1800 gm) 7 packs
Corn Flakes (1.5 kg) 1 packs
Nesquick (1.38 gm) 2 bottles
Macaroni (400 gm) 24 packs
Crix 8 packs
Salt (1000 gm) 4 packs
Corn curls 96 packs
Toothpaste 8 tubes
Biscuits 2 tins
Milk (1.8 kg) 4 packs
Milk packs 12 packs
Lentil Peas 24 packs
Pringles 4 tins
Microwave popcorn 32 packs
Fruit Gels 72 packs
Pigeon Peas 12 tins
Pine sol 4 bottles
Harpic 4 bottles
Mayonnaise 2 bottles
Tang 2 bottles
Matches 80 boxes
Mixed Vegetables 12 tins
Gummy Bears 1 pack
Milo 2 tins
Flour 1 pk
Ketchup 12 packs
Mac and Cheese 10 packs
Peanut Butter 1 bottle
Charles Candy 200 packs
Elbows 12 packs
Nestle Quik 2 packs


ITEMS DONATED to the Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre

Corn Flakes (1.4 kg) 1 pack
Crackers 3 packs
Bath Soap 1 bar
Vienna Sausage 3 tins
Baked Beans 2 tins
Mixed Vegetables 2 tins
Corned Beef 2 tins


ITEMS PURCHASED for the Trinidad and Tobago Hope Centre

Liquid Detergent (5 ltr) 1 bottles
Dish washing Liquid (5 ltr) 1 bottles
Bath Soap 9 bars
Toilet Paper 36 rolls
Sugar (1800 gm) 5 packs
Rice (9 kg) 2 packs
Biscuit 64 packs
Toothpaste 4 tubes
Milk (1.8 kg) 2 packs
Peas 24 packs
Corn Curls 48 packs
Milo 2 tins
Flour 1 sack
Charles Candy 50 packs
Twist Macaroni 12 packs
Condense Milks 12 tins
Spaghetti 10 packs
Ketchup 6 packs
Noodles 6 packs