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TTFFThe Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation acknowledges, that in keeping with an order of the High Court, the TTFF head offices located at 43 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain, was today, Wednesday February 7th, 2012, closed and removable assets were seized on instructions from the High Court. However the TTFF will continue to function as the elected governing body for football.

The TTFF also wishes to advise that following an order $7,040,000 which was ordered by Justice Devindra Rampersad on February 25th 2011, that figure was subsequently paid in 2011 to thirteen members of the 2006 World Cup Squad. A second interim payment of $4.6 million was ordered in October, 2011.

Since the departure Mr. Jack Warner from the TTFF, this matter has been pending and following the second Court order, the TTFF had hoped that 2006 World Cup Local Organizing Committee (LOC) accounts of which Mr. Warner was the sole arbiter, would have been reconciled and payments would have been made to the players. This unfortunately has not occurred. The TTFF on its own does not have the resources to fulfill this request for such payment.

On the matter of the account in question, the TTFF fully expected Mr. Warner to comply with the instructions of the Court to have the accounts ready and delivered to the Court by February 14th.

The TTFF acknowledges that the Players have exercised their legal rights.

The TTFF reiterates that as an organization, it does not at this time have to luxury of $4.6 million to pay the players but it does acknowledge the debt.

The TTFF will continue its operations with focus of the National Under 23 Men’s team and U-17 Women’s team which goes into World Cup qualification in May. Funds for these two teams have been guaranteed by the Ministry of Sport and therefore their programs will be continued.

The Men’s Olympic team is off to Tobago this weekend for a training camp and will then depart for Costa Rica and Orlando for further training camps before traveling to Carson, California to contest the final round of the Olympic qualification. The TTFF will also continue its FA Trophy competition and will host the Draw for the Round of 8 tomorrow.

In light of this matter, the TTFF Executive Committee has called an emergency meeting and will address the media further at 4:30pm on Thursday (Feb 9th) at the Harvard Sports Club.


Video - TTFF Assets Seized