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Anil Roberts.The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation’s (TTFF) coaches are going unpaid and its debts are mounting as the Sport Ministry’s recent apparent indifference to the local football body threatens to create a crisis within the nation’s most popular sport.

Anthony Harford, chairman of the TTFF’s marketing firm All Sport Promotion, claimed that he submitted an invoice for $3.4 million to the Sport Ministry on 23 May 2012, which was meant to cover expenditure for the men’s Olympic team and women’s Under-17 team. The men’s and women’s teams competed in March and May respectively.

A further budget of $1.1 million was given to the Sport Ministry to take the Under-17 and Under-20 boys’ teams through their respective Caribbean qualifying tournaments.

However, according to Harford, Sport Minister Anil Roberts has not so much as responded to their hand-delivered letters much less fulfilled his alleged promise to the national youth teams.

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