Mon, Aug


The Trinidad and Tobago Football Technical Department headed by technical director Anton Corneal commenced a prep to the Dutch/KNVB “C” Licence course for 13 national women’s team players who will take up coaching positions within SPORTT’s outreach programme LIFEsport.

Corneal opened the course and TTFF coaching instructors Marlon Charles and Rajesh Latchoo will conduct proceedings during the three-day course in conjunction with SPORTT at the St Augustine Secondary School on Wednesday.

The list of participants includes present and former national players who are attached to local women’s teams. Among them are Malick City’s Kiva Gresham, Ashleey Alonzo, Alana Lum York, Patrice Superville, Celeste Alexander; Real Dimension — Keri Myers, Ria Belgrave, Janine Francois, Tiana Bateau, Tobago – Karyn Forbes, Sharice Arthur and Tunapuna Titans – Naome Guerra and Chevonne John.

Corneal saw this is as the ideal opportunity to prepare the women so they can assist in the development of the local women’s game.

“Many of the participants have played the game and at some point will have to move on to coaching if they want to stay involved and it’s the ideal opportunity for them to acquire the knowledge through our course,” Corneal said.

“Several of our men’s coaches have benefitted from the ‘C’ licence course and it’s our intention to ensure that the women can also be part of the coaching education programme.

Of course we are also delighted from the Federation standpoint to be able to play our part in preparing the individuals to now pass on their knowledge to those who will take part in the various football clinics around the country through the LIFEsport programme,” Corneal added.