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Scene: Port of Spain General Hospital.

Wired868 Journalist (to camera): “Today we have seen extraordinary scenes here in Port of Spain, after Trinidad and Tobago Football was found abused and battered at an undisclosed location in the capital. The authorities are treating this as a case of an attempted murder.

“I have with me here Mr Brent Sancho, a former national footballer who, together with 12 teammates, testified before the High Court about years of abuse suffered at the hands of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) and its former partner Jack Warner. Mr Sancho, you obviously cannot say much as investigations are at a sensitive stage. But can you at least give us your thoughts on the state of Football?”

Sancho: “Well, this has always been coming. It was obvious to me for some time that the situation was deteriorating rapidly and my heart really goes out to Football today.”

Journalist: “Police sources spoke of systematic abuse of Football, who was loved and cherished by tens of thousands of Trinbagonians. It is also apparent that this abuse came at the hands of persons who, publicly, appeared to love and nurture Football for so long.

“And yet, in the end, Football appeared to be imprisoned and denied the most basic sustenance. Mr Sancho, should this abuse have been spotted and stopped earlier?”

Sancho: “Well, we know that there were consistent complaints made to the TTFF, whose role as caretaker is very questionable I think. In fact, she said to me in the past that she was abused too. But time will tell whether she tried to help Football or was actually suppressing evidence and obstructing investigations.”
Journalist: “I also have with me Mr Selby Browne, who is Vice Chairman of the Veteran Footballers Foundation. Mr Browne, how do you feel about the role played by the former Minister of Sport, Anil Roberts?”

Browne: “We knew that others were involved in the defiling of Football and I understand Wired868 publisheda letter that suggested the Sport Minister was not innocent of this at all. This man, Roberts, was in a position of trust and the country believed he would do the right thing. He had the opportunity to stop all of this but instead…”

(Browne breaks down in tears and ends the interview)

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