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Tim Kee to be elected unopposed.Nine days before what was anticipated to be the most vital elections in local football’s history, the only person remaining to oppose Raymond Tim Kee as president of ther T&T Football Federation, Colin Murray, has pulled out, essencially creating a one-horse race.

Murray, who called a media conference at Hotel Normandie, St Ann’s, yesterday, called it quits citing personal reasons for his decision, essencially handing Tim Kee, a TTFF vice-president, the post of president, unopposed.
The TTFF’s Interim President Lennox Watson also ruled himself out of the November 11 election, over a week ago. Murray, Carib Brewery Sponsorship and Promotions Manager, announced that he was approached by the Northern Football Association several weeks ago, and gave much thought and consideration into the prospect of presidency and agreed to run for the position, before making his final decision yesterday.
“It is a personal decision... I will not be entertaining any questions. I would like to congratulate Raymond Tim Kee in his assumption of president of the TTFF,” said Murray, offering no more insight into his decision. “We all know the state of football, and we know what needs to be done,” he said.
Murray turned his attention to the imminent president, warning him of beaurocratic swindling. “During the election (campaign), and I’m going to say it very openly, I heard people (have) been promised things, people have been promised assignments, from coaching to administration, among other things. I really hope that Raymond is not playing that game. “I am very hopeful that he does not play politics with our football,” Murray said.
He continued, “If he is really interested in football, and wants football to move forward, Raymond will stand up like a man and fight for what is right.” Murray claimed that he was given “ammunition” to use against Tim Kee in the election, but thought better of it. “I am not a politician,” he said. “What you see is what you get from me.”
He said that granted things remain the same with the affairs of football, he may return to run for the post in the next election, in 2014. He thanked the four zones which he met with and got support from, along with the Women’s Football League, and the other associations which has a stake in the election.
He even went on to defend some of the zones saying that there are “good people in football” He said: “All the talk that football has people who don’t know what they’re doing and football is being run badly, let me tell you: there are good people. I think the problem is that football needs to be managed properly.” Murray also urged the incoming president does not exclude the contributions of the North Zone becuase they showed him support in the campaign.


Murray pulls out of TTFF presidential election.
By KEVIN SUNICH (Newsday).

FORMER Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation’s (TTFF) first vice- president Raymond Tim Kee will be unopposed in the race for the TTFF presidency when it is held on November 11, after the only other candidate Colin Murray pulled out yesterday.

Murray, the Events and Sponsorship manager at Carib Brewery told the media that he opted out because of a couple of reasons.

Murray did not give reasons for his decisions to pull out of the race but said “The way is cleared for Raymond Tim Kee to have an all inclusive federation.

There are good people in the various roles. I hope he does not play politics with our football and he is able to include everybody to be part of the decision making as we try to take our football forward,” said Murray.

The cricket and football analyst said he informed the TTFF about his decision and also indicated his intentions to Tim Kee.

“He will have my full support, but if I think he is playing politics with the football or if he ostracises people who have supported me if I feel that he is trying to push any of them out of football and is not giving them a chance to be heard I will not support him and become his biggest critic.”

Only recently interim president Lennox Watson made it clear that he was not willing to contest the position.

Tim Kee who served for several years before resigning from the executive some three years ago denied any relationship with former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner in a release and called the allegations malicious and totally uncalled for.

“Those who serve to perpetrate this falsehood, fully know the circumstances surrounding my departure from the TTFF executive and should refrain from trying to sully a reputation which I have worked hard to build.”

The release also indicated that one of Tim Kee’s main reasons for contesting the elections is the fact that Mr Warner is no longer in the TTFF, CFU, CONCACAF or FIFA and has in fact resigned from all football bodies.“