Tue, Aug


FORMER TRINIDAD and Tobago footballer Brent Sancho is disappointed with the TT Football Association (TTFA) approach towards the almost eight-year-long bonus pay dispute, between 13 members of the 2006 TT World Cup team and the local governing body.

 The players are determined to use legal means to gain full payment of the sum promised in 2013 by the TTFA and its president Raymond Tim Kee. 

Sancho, the current Central FC managing director pointed out, “we agreed to a settlement on the basis that things would be paid at certain times. At the end of the day, this is why we’re in this situation. They’ve gone against their agreement that they pencilled up themselves.” 

He added, “this was us coming to the table and agreeing to their side of the agreement. We are definitely entitled to more. We came to the table for the benefit and the betterment of football in Trinidad.

We decided to settle out of court. To break the agreement after something that they decided they wanted to do, and to be in the situation that they are now after months of non-answers and promissory notes, we can’t continue this way.” 

Referring to the financial struggles of the TTFA, Sancho said, “if you’re making an agreement of such, you must know that you have a source of income coming. 

You can’t go anywhere in the world and make an agreement, under law and in the courts and come up with something (but) you don’t have the ways and means of doing it. This has nothing to do with the Ministry and anything like that. 

“And, to add to it, they have the vehicle and the tools to even go further than that. They can go after the smoking gun, the past administrators who would have pilfered the coffers before, and they haven’t done anything. So you can’t just sit back and hand out, when you can get up and make things happen,” he ended.