Sat, Jul

Densill Theobald at TTFA's Youth Clinic Morvant

Trinidad and Tobago Senior team midfielder Densill Theobald spent Saturday morning interacting and observing one hundred plus youngsters between the ages of 6-12 from the Morvant area at the TTFA Youth Football Community clinic at the Morvant Recreation Ground in Coconut Drive.

Theobald accepted the invitation from the TTFA to be among the guests at the clinic which was led by TTFA technical director Anton Corneal and included a group of coaches including former national player Nevick Denoon and coach Muhammad Isa.

TTFA President Raymond Tim Kee and General Secretary Sheldon Phillips were also in attendance at the two-hour clinic after which six coaching and Primary Schools received a package each of ten Chevrolet/OneworldFutbol indestructible footballs. Hokett Baptist Primary, Morvant New Government, Morvant Elements football club, Morvant Youth Academy, Shekinah Home Work Academy and Morvant Anglican Primary School were among those receiving balls.

Theobald expressed joy over the sight of so many youngsters playing and learning the game on Saturday morning.

“I feel privileged to be part of this and I want to thank the TTFA for extending the invitation. It is a joyous morning to see the kids come out here and having fun with the game and learning more about it with these indestructible balls. I think this augers well for all of us. A lot of players like myself started this way and I think there are more younger ones waiting to be discovered and longing for opportunities like this. And today can see them out there making use of this opportunity,” Theobald told TTFA Media.

“I was saying to the President and the General Secretary that it would be great to have this every weekend for kids in these kind of areas. This is something positive for them. I see this as a way of helping reduce crime and encouraging the kids to do something productive. I know a lot of them that are very happy to be here instead of being home or being on the street. This brings a lot of joy to my heart right now,” said Theobald who himself came from similar surroundings, hailing from Nelson Street in Port of Spain

The TTFA kids clinic which has also been staged in areas such as Paramin, Blanchisseuse, Manzanilla and Point Fortin will break for one week and resume next month in the deep south region.