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Dr. Keith Rowley and Brent Sancho

People’s National Movement (PNM) leader Dr Keith Rowley asked Brent Sancho whether he knew of anyone who fraudulently tried to evade taxes on an imported SUV.

Speaking at a public campaign meeting in Sangre Grande on Thursday September 3, 2015, PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley called on Sport Minister Brent Sancho to say whether he knows of anyone who fraudulently attempted to evade taxes on an imported SUV.

He queried an address in the UK and asked Sancho if he knew anything about it.

“I want to ask him if he is Brent Sancho and if he ever lived at 29 Plum Rose Court, Maracas Valley St Joseph, and if he knows anybody or ever did any business in Partridge Road, Hampton, England.”

“The reason I ask is because it has come to my attention that somebody by the same name, and associates, attempted to join the ‘Range Rover Club’ in Trinidad and Tobago…somebody with a name like his wanted to join the Range Rover club.”

“So the person imported a Range Rover into Trinidad and Tobago and…made a declaration that they were coming back as a returning resident having lived abroad for 2 years, so the vehicle is supposed to come in as duty free since you are a returning resident.”

“The person had a name like his. And then it turned out that the person was not in fact a returning resident and the vehicle was not in fact owned for the period of time abroad as it should have been owned to avoid the taxes."

“The person was brought up in front of customs for making a false declaration and was accused by customs for making a fraudulent assumption of duties and charges.”

“The person chose the other option of facing the customs tribunal and the customs tribunal fined the person over $100,000 for attempting to fraudulently remove himself from taxes and from attempting to defraud the people of Trinidad and Tobago of customs duty that was chargeable on a motor vehicle.”

“So tonight I want to ask Brent Sancho, if he knew another Brent Sancho who had that experience.”

Sancho has also recently come under fire for evidence that a payment of US$39,000 from CONCACAF meant for the Central Football Club (CFC) went directly into his bank account, to which Sancho replied that the deposit occurred by error.

Sancho’s special adviser in the Ministry of Sport, Kevin Harrison, who also worked with him while the two were at Central FC said when Sancho realised the funds were transferred to his account, he (Sancho) immediately went to the bank and had a cheque made out for US$39,000 to be paid to CFC.