Former National Women’s Coach Even Pellerud has been paid in full by the new TTFA administration so this country no longer faces sanctions which would have prevented the Men’s Senior National Team from participating in the 2022 World Cup qualification. Pellerud received his final sum of US$160,146 (one hundred and sixty thousand and one hundred and forty-six), yesterday.

FIFA had threatened sanctions against the TTFA for monies owed to Pellerud outstanding three years now. The new administration paid fifty thousand (US) dollars to Pellerud within two months of assuming office, TTFA president David John-Williams said.

“The Pellerud debt is out of the way, we started to address Anton Corneal’s situation and most importantly we have done the audits so that the TTFA is now compliant with FIFA funding rules, so we can access FIFA funds again,” John-Williams said.

“Everyday we receive new letters from old debts but we continue to ask for patience and understanding from our creditors as we strive to clear our debt”.

While the TTFA strives to get back on its feet, John-Williams insisted that football will not be a burden to the Government as it was in the past.

“We have arranged three high level international matches without asking Government for one cent to fund them. The opponents we have lined up should make the National Coach very happy,” stated John-Williams.

Some months ago Men’s Senior Team Head Coach Stephen Hart queried the lack of high level international matches. With games lined up against Peru (May 23), Uruguay (May 27) and China (June 3), John-Williams has delivered in a big way.

“With us missing out on Copa America Centenario, there was a need for quality warm up games. The fact that we have been able to negotiate the trips without being a burden on tax payers brings a certain level of pride to our efforts,” he added.

Referring to the financial situation that his Executive met when they took office, the TTFA President was confident that better days are ahead.

“We met a number of financial arrangements, without documentation to support the commitments, but what baffled us the most was the absence of any projected income to sustain said commitments.

“While we welcome Government’s help we strongly believe football has the ability to sustain itself.

John-Williams continued, “While the National Men’s Senior team is the focus of attention, within the next few months, we want to do some very big things for women’s football, youth football and coach education. Thus the TTFA is currently engaging some major sponsors to address the whole question of youth development on a national scale.

“Football provides a positive, alternative for the development of our youth, male and female, not just as players but also as fully rounded citizens,” the TTFA President ended.