Mon, May


Days after revealing the T&T Football Association’s (TTFA) restructuring exercise which will lead to the replacement of general secretary Azard Khan, comes word that advertising for the position will begin soon.

Yesterday the Tobago Football Association’s (TFA) president Anthony Moore said he expects advertisements for the position to begin as soon as its president David John-Williams and other executive members return from the FIFA Congress at the Intercontinental Presidente Hotel in Mexico City, on Thursday .

John-Williams said last week that he was unaware of plans to remove Khan, despite reports that he was the person responsible for placing the advertisement. Moore confirmed yesterday that he was interested in replacing Khan.

He told the Guardian if given the post, he will have to relinquish his position as TFA president. The TFA boss explained that Khan’s position was interim, as it had been discussed by the board of the TTFA long before the hotly-contested Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election of Officers at the VIP Lounge of the Hasely Crawford Stadium in November.

“With the changes in the constitution and other promised changes by the new executive, it had been made clear the position of general secretary would be temporary. It became an employee position, instead of before the constitutional changes, where the general secretary acted as a point man, which was the go-to man because of the workload of the president.”

He said Khan knew this and agreed to accept it. He said the TTFA is now more  business-oriented.

Both Moore and his Tobago compatriot Allan Warner voted against confirming Khan’s position at a board meeting in January. They were the only two members to reject Khan. One board member who wished to remain anonymous said the decision by Moore and Warner to vote the way they did, was a conflict. He felt they should have recused themselves since they had ulterior motives. 

Moore and former general secretary Sheldon Phillips, who was sacked by former president Raymond Tim Kee, are reported to be the possibilities to replace Khan. Moore said with his background in finance, he would be honoured to accept the post  as it would highlight the pinnacle of his career.

Contacted, Phillips said he was unaware that he was a candidate but was willing to serve in the interest of local football if given the opportunity. After he was sacked by Tim Kee, Phillips promised to take action against his former employers. He refused to  comment on this yesterday.

The decision to advertise the position has confused many TTFA members who feel it is not in the TTFA constitution.