Sun, Jul


MUHAMMAD ISA is adapting to his new role as technical director of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), after he was reportedly appointed a fortnight ago.

Isa, a former national youth team coach, was appointed by TTFA president David John-Williams as a replacement for the fired Kendall Walkes. However, Walkes has sought legal advice in his battle against John-Williams and the TTFA for unpaid fees.

As far as he is concerned, Isa is adapting smoothly to his new role.

During a recent interview, Isa said, “I’ve been adapting to it as normal, I think it’s something I’ve been doing before. It’s just officially now.”

Isa is still involved with TT Pro League outfit Club Sando, and he pointed out, “well nobody has spoken to be but my role with Club Sando - I’m a board member with Club Sando. So I’m still assisting the board as regards technical matters.”

As technical director, is his immediate focus the men’s team or all the various national teams? “I really don’t control the national team,” replied Isa. “It’s more concerns right now about doing programmes, including grassroots (and) elite programmes, trying to provide players for the national teams.”

Asked if he has spoken to any of the previous technical directors about what the role entails, Isa responded, “I have had discussions with Anton (Corneal) and recently I went a technical director workshop in Jamaica, which sort of guided me as to my roles and functions as a technical director.” And he noted that this appointment is the pinnacle of his administrative career in local football. “Yes I will say so, I think this is it for me,” said Isa.