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The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association participated in a FIFA TMS Workshop held earlier this month at the Double Tree Hotel  in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Sharon O’Brien, on behalf of the TTFA, attended the workshop which was targeted to train and educate the TMS Association Managers and Club TMS managers on Annexe 2,3, and 6 of the FIFA Regulations and also the sanctions in breach of these regulations.

Annexe 2 – Procedure governing applications for first registration and international transfer of minors – the applications for a first registration of a minor according to article 19 paragraph 3 or an international transfer involving a minor must be submitted and managed through TMS

Annexe 3 – Transfer matching system – is designed to ensure that football authorities have more details available to them on international player transfer.  To increase transparency o individual transactions)

Annexe 6 – Procedure governing claims related to training compensation and the solidarity mechanism

The Principle –  (All claims related to training compensation according to Article 20 and to the solidarity mechanism according to article 21 must be submitted and managed through TMS)

The countries which took part in the workshop include Canada, USA, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Bermuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and T&T.


The purpose of the 2016 FIFA TMS workshops is to educate our user community (both associations and clubs) in the use of, and about any recent changes to, the FIFA TMS International Transfer Matching System (ITMS).

In total, more than 130 clubs and associations will participate in the workshops in Zurich, Johannesburg, Dubai and San José (Costa Rica).


The objectives of these 2016 workshops are to:

    Ensure that all associations are able to fulfill their obligations in relation to Annexe 3;
    Educate on the newest version of the ITMS. The main focus will be on transfers, minors and claims;
    Introduce the online Help Centre, the new Helpdesk portal and the FIFA TMS website.

During the workshops, FIFA’s goal is to facilitate the sharing of information, expertise and best practices among ITMS users including clubs, associations and FIFA TMS.

FIFA’s TMS Vision and Mission

In 2007, the 57th FIFA congress voted to create an online system for male 11 a-side international football transfers as one of the recommendations of the FIFA task force “for the good of the game”. The objectives were to increase integrity and transparency in the market by increasing data available to football authorities on every transaction and to enforce rules on the protection of minors.

Our Vision

The world of transfers is US. We strive to be the “go-to” solution provider in the football transfer market in terms of technology and services. We envision a football market in which all clubs and associations across the globe use FIFA TMS solutions and advocate for efficiency and transparency in their business.

Our Mission

Every day we go to work with one objective in mind: to make the football transfer market better. FIFA TMS contributes to the growth and improvement of the football transfer market by simplifying and standardising transfer processes. Based on our knowledge of transfers, regulations and technology we are committed to developing high quality products and services designed to meet stakeholder and customer needs.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in football; as such, we strive for excellence, transparency and integrity in everything we do.